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Olympus enters the action camera market with the Stylus TG Tracker


Well-known camera manufacturer Olympus has entered the popular action camera market with the new Stylus TG Tracker which can not only record 4K video but also capture data from the five onboard sensors.

Just one look at the device and you’ll see it means business with rugged construction as well as being waterproof to a depth of 30m without the need for an external housing.

It’s also shockproof from a height of 2.1m, crushproof with up to 100kg of weight on it and also freezeproof and can withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

The Stylus TG-Tracker can shoot 4K video and 30fps (frames per second) and full high definition 1080p at 60fps.


The 13.9mm lens f2.0 provides a 204-degree wide angle view so your POV (point of view) movies look amazing.

And there’s a built-in five-axis image stabilisation so your videos look nice and steady.


The device itself is 5.65cm long, 3.5cm tall and 9.32mm thick with a weight of just 180g so it’s small enough to take anywhere with you.

There are a number of shooting modes including time lapse and loop recording.

But apart from being a great action camera, the Stylus TG Tracker also has an onboard Field Sensor System which can capture GPS location, compass, barometer (altitude/depth), accelerometer and thermometer to add a complete data layer to your video as well.


In fact, the device can be used as a pure data recorder in log-only mode.

On the battery side, the Olympus can run for up to 95 minutes shooting full HD and about 90 minutes shooting 4K.


The Olympus Stylus TG Tracker also pairs with an app so you can log your data and remotely view your video in real time.

The camera also comes with an adaptor so it can fit other mounts and it has its own steady grip handle.

The Olympus Stylus TG Tracker action camera will be priced at $499 when it is released in June.