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Telstra launches new Smart Modem 3 which offers faster wi-fi speeds

Telstra has launched its new Smart Modem 3 which offers the latest Wi-Fi 6 wireless speeds to improve your internet connection across your home.

Telstra says the Smart Modem 3 has been tested against other NBN modems offered by its competitors and was found to have the fastest wi-fi speeds and higher quality networks and coverage.

It brought in a third-party research company to approve its testing parameters when it pitted the Telstra Smart Modem 3 up against other popular NBN modems supplied by other providers including Sagecomm, Netcomm, Archer and TP-Link.

The Telstra Smart Modem 3 offered more than double the throughput of its nearest competitor.

On top of its speed and reliability improvements, Telstra’s third-generation modem also enhances your wireless network’s security with regular automatic updates, so the latest security protocols are in place.

As with previous Telstra Smart Modems, this third-generation model will also include a 4G backup for those times when the NBN is unavailable with speeds up to 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up from the built-in SIM card.

“As Australia’s leading broadband provider, we’re driving industry innovation in our home broadband products,” says Telstra Group executive for consumer and small business, Michael Ackland

“Our new modem delivers the fastest wi-fi, on more devices, in more parts – especially the furthest corners – of your house.”

Other new support features include SmartFix which can monitor performance and identify faults and try and resolve them in the background and, if it can’t, it will automatically send a notification to organise an appointment with a technician.

Smart Fix now accounts for fixing more than 15,000 services issues per month.

Telstra Smart Troubleshooting also comes in to play to help customers diagnose any wi-fi issues they may be experiencing and offers troubleshooting suggestions within the My Telstra app.

“While NBN outages are inevitable, every day we see 50,000 Telstra customers saved from the pain of being disconnected from the internet as their Smart Modems switch over to 4G backup,” Mr Ackland said.

“While we continue to have the industry’s highest advertised typical evening speeds across the entire range of NBN speed tiers, it’s important for Australians to know that their modem also really matters.”

Telstra’s Smart Modem 3 is made from 80 per cent recycled materials and 100 per cent recycled packaging.

The Telstra Smart Modem 3 is available no extra cost for new Telstra NBN customers who stay connected for 24 months.