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Aussie Broadband shakes up its NBN plans with flexible data allowances


Aussie Broadband has announced new NBN plans which now offer even more data flexibility for its customers instead of paying for more data than they are likely to use per month.

In what the company is calling an Australian first, these new plans allow the customer to not only select their speed tier but also the amount of data that goes with it.

Aussie Broadband managing director Philip Britt says these changes will give residential and small business users the ability to tailor their data allowances to suit their needs.

“We believe this is a first among Australian telcos,” he said.

“Our new system will give our customers unprecedented flexibility in choosing an NBN plan that is perfect for their needs, and not force them to pay for more data than they really need.

“As an example, a customer might choose a plan with 600, 700 or 800 GB, rather than being forced to always pay at the next tier of 1000 GB even when they never use that much.”

Aussie Broadband will still not offer unlimited data plans whilst the current NBN pricing structure exists.

“In our view, unlimited currently means congestion becomes virtually unavoidable, and we have a commitment to manage our network to avoid congestion wherever possible,” Britt said.

“We would add that all these new plans now have 1Mbit shaping when you reach your data limit, rather than the current 256 Kbit shaping limit.”

When signing up, customers will now have a new “Custom” option which will give them access to a slider to choose a custom data allowance.

The range of custom data allowances will vary depending on the speed tier which is selected.

And if customers run out of data and don’t want their connection throttled back, they can opt to pay a $10 plan change fee to access more data.

These new plan options will be available to new and existing customers.

Aussie Broadband has also announced new speed tiers – 150Mbps down/100Mbps up along with 250Mbps down/100Mbps up.

“These will allow even more Aussie Broadband customers to experience the full speeds the nbn is capable of delivering,” Britt said.

These higher speed tiers will only be available in particular areas where the infrastructure is capable of delivering those higher speeds.