Modern technology gives us many things.

Connect your laptop to your TV quickly and easily with the Verbatim Share My Screen 4K

There are often times when we need to connect our computer or mobile device to a TV for a presentation or to enjoy your content on a larger screen and the Verbatim Share My Screen 4K makes it really quick and easy.

Yes, there are ways to mirror your screen but it’s hardly ever a seamless experience when you try and convince one brand of laptop to talk to a particular brand of smart TV.

There is no such issue with the Verbatim Share My Screen 4K.

It doesn’t matter what laptop you have – Windows (Windows 7 and later), Mac (macOS 10.2 and later) or Chrome OS – you connect the transmitter to laptop and the receiver to the TV, monitor or projector and you’re good to go.

It even works with smartphones and tablets running Android.

This is especially effective when you need to share your screen for a presentation in an office you’ve never visited before.

If there is no existing wireless set-up or cable it can be an anxious set up – that’s the last thing you need before an important presentation.

You’re already nervous and want to nail it, not stuff around with the AV set-up and typing in their guest wi-fi password correctly.

Thankfully the Verbatim Share My Screen 4K is super simple to set up.

The receiver connects to the TV or monitor with a HDMI cable – this isn’t included so you need to supply your own.

The receiver also needs power through its USB-C port, and you do get the USB-A to USB-C cable but you need your own plug – you can use the one that charges your phone and you can also use your own USB-C to USB-C cable.

Next you plug the transmitter into a USB-C port on your laptop or Android device.

When we got to the right input on the screen, we pressed the button on the receiver and the button on the transmitter to sync them together and we were looking at our laptop display on our 85-inch TV.

The device supports 4K resolution at 30Hz which is suitable for presentations, streaming and gaming.

And there is no mess of cables – it’s all happening wirelessly.

It will work within a 10m range between the receiver and the transmitter so that offers a lot of flexibility.

And it’s so simple to set up – anyone can do it.

The transmitter attached to your laptop or Android device has a USB-A port as well and this means it can act like a hub so you can connect a keyboard, mouse or external hard drive.

The Verbatim Share My Screen 4K is ideal for a professional or a student and anyone else who wants to get what’s on their smaller screen on their TV screen with minimal fuss and next to no set-up.

It is available now and is priced at $199.