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All the Things a VPN Allows You to Do

You may have heard of a virtual private network (VPN) but might be unsure how it could directly benefit you. If you are an internet user, there is no question a VPN is a must-download onto any mobile device, from your smartphone to your Amazon Firestick.

A VPN can provide more than one advantage. it can improve your online privacy, cybersecurity, content access, and internet speed. Read on to learn about all the things a VPN allows you to do online.

Access Restricted Websites

Geographical internet restrictions can be frustrating. For instance, licensing agreements and copyright laws may prohibit you from accessing streaming services in a specific country. Once you get a VPN free downloaded, you can unlock geo-blocked content, allowing you to access TV shows currently out of your reach. For example, you can use a USA VPN to enjoy various US-based websites and streaming services, such as Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix.

Anonymous Internet Browsing

Anonymous internet browsing is a huge benefit of a VPN, as it will provide a secure, encrypted tunnel when browsing the internet or inputting data. As it will hide your IP address and only provide third parties with details from a VPN server, you will become invisible online, protecting your digital identity and online activities. It is an effective way to safeguard sensitive data, such as your address, credit card details, social security number, and login credentials.

Prevent Online Tracking

You might be shocked to learn that individuals and companies could be tracking your web activity, such as cybercriminals, governments, and internet service providers (ISPs). For instance, ISPs can track the sites you visit, your Google searches, and your online activities. Next, they may sell this data to third-party companies, who may use it to create targeted advertising. A VPN encrypts your online activities, making it impossible for ISPs to track you online and sell your data.

Shield Your Device and Data from Hacking

Most people have used a public Wi-Fi network at some point to gain access to the internet. For instance, you may have logged into a hotspot to use the web in a hotel, café, restaurant, or airport. If you have done so, you might not have thought twice about hacking, but it is a genuine risk when using an unsecured network.

Many intelligent cybercriminals can create fake Wi-Fi hotspots to steal your data and gain access to your device. As your online activities and data are encrypted when using a VPN, they cannot steal your confidential data, shielding you from a malicious cyberattack.

Improved Internet Speed

An internet service provider may deliberately throttle your internet speed to slow down your online activities or save money due to network congestion. For instance, it may create a sluggish connection if too many people attempt to access an app, site, or hotspot at the same time.

A VPN will prevent a slow connection, as it uses split tunnelling to make throttling a thing of the past. It chooses what data passes through the VPN and what relies on your usual network. As an ISP cannot review the data packets, it will not throttle your internet based on your online behaviours. You will never regret downloading a VPN if you work from home, stream content, enjoy gaming, or surf the net.


Your sensitive data, cybersecurity, online activities, and internet speed are likely important to you. For this reason, you would be wise to download a VPN onto your device. It will shield your personal information and online activities, improve your flexibility and accessibility, and keep you safe from malicious hacking, allowing you to use the internet privately and confidently.