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Duobuds earphones let you easily share your music


duobuds3Ever seen two people sharing a pair of earphones to listen to a song? That was the inspiration behind an Australian audio invention called Duobuds.

The concept behind Duobuds earphones is simple – share your music easily with a built-in double adaptor headphone jack.

Duobuds earphones have a click to wear system and, when you’re not listening to the music, you can click the buds together behind your neck instead of stuffing them in your pocket where they would tangle.

The Duobuds are powered by an 8.6mm dome driver for an impressive sound but an affordable price.

The Duobuds have a double adaptor headphone jack and buds that can be clicked together when not in use

They also have fabric-wrapped cables to prevent tangles when not in use.

And when you’re ready to share your sounds, your friend can connect their own headphones into the Duobuds double adaptor headphone jack.

Users can connect multiple Duobud earphones to the same device

Seeing two kids sharing their earphones at the football so they could hear the commentary was inspiration for company CEO Phil Warren to create Duobuds.

There are two varieties of Duobuds – BFFs for women and Mates for the men.

Duobuds allow users to share their sounds on anuy device with a headphone jacl

Duobuds will be available in early April from JB Hi-Fi and will be priced at $39.95.

They are also available to buy online from

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