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July suitcase review – the case with the built-in battery to charge your devices


The July suitcase is a handy companion for the tech savvy traveller who will never be short of a charge on their trips.

When we travel we love to have our mobile devices and laptop right by our side but keeping them charged can be a challenge unless you have a July suitcase which features an ejectable battery.

The Carry On case, created by a Melbourne-based company July, is a stylish carry-on suitcase with wheels and a retractable handle.

It is made of lightweight yet strong German polycarbonate shell with aluminium corner bumpers to protect it from any heavy drops.

It is 55cm high, 38cm wide and 22cm deep and it weighs 3.4kg.

But the hidden gem aboard the July suitcase is the ejectable 10,000mAh battery under a panel below the handle.

So now you can forget hunting for a wall plug at the airport before you board your flight – the power is right at your fingertips.

And to comply with air travel regulations, the battery pack on the Carry On can actually be removed and used separately.

But while it’s positioned inside the suitcase it’s in the ideal position to connect a cable to connect your phone, your tablet and even your laptop.

There are two USB ports and it can be recharged through either the USC-C or micro USB ports.

One of the USB 3.0 ports has a higher output so it can provide a faster charge for larger devices like a tablet.

But it’s not just about the power.

The inside of the suitcase is also well organised.

There are two separate sections – one on each half of the bag – and within these areas there is even a laundry bag that is water resistant and that will even trap in the smells.

We used the bag on a recent trip to the US and there was no lack of space.

The internal compression strap also helps keep things in order so your stuff isn’t moving around freely inside the case.

The handle fits nicely in your hands and extends and retracts smoothly.

It’s also a smooth ride on the wheels which are so quiet you won’t even hear them.

And it’s also secure with a combination lock that is also TSA approved.

The zippers lock in neatly right next to the combination lock.

The July Carry On is pretty good value at $295 and that includes free delivery, a 100-day risk free trial period and a lifetime warranty.


The July Carry On suitcase is a handy companion for the tech savvy traveller who will never be short of a charge on their trips.