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Samsung releases new soundbars with patented technology to create panoramic audio


Samsung is reaping the benefits of its Hollywood audio labs with the announcement of two new soundbars that will transform the home viewing experience and deliver panoramic surround  sound.

The new soundbars – the MW700 Sound+ and the N650 – were unveiled at the Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum in Rome.

Both soundbars feature patented audio technology which was engineered at the company’s Seoul headquarters and tested and perfected at the Samsung audio labs in Valencia, California just outside Los Angeles.

These innovations include distortion-cancelling, wide-range tweeters and multi-speaker control.

The N650 Soundbar features the patented Samsung Acoustic Beam technology which is designed to provide a virtual surround sound effect.

The technology uses two pipes at the back of the soundbar with a tweeter on the end.

As sound flows through the pipe and is distributed through holes in that pipe, each hole actually acts as an individual speaker to create the overall surrounding effects.

The Samsung N650 soundbar
The Samsung N650 soundbar

The result is a room-filling sound experience.

Tech Guide heard a demonstration of the N650 and was impressed by the scale and distribution of sound from a relatively small product.

The N650 also includes a dedicated Game Mode with settings optimised for gaming.

In this mode the onboard equaliser is converted automatically to allow the player to be even more absorbed into the game’s sights and sounds.

And the good news about the N650 is that is being positioned as a mid-range product that will be priced under $1000.

The NW700 Sound+ soundbar is a slim and sleek unit that’s designed to be wall-mounted beneath a wall-mounted TV.

The Samsung NW700 wall-mountable soundbar

It is just 53.5mm thick – 41 per cent narrower than the previous soundbar model – while still packing in speakers and technology to create an immersive listening experience.

The NW700 adopts three channels and has a built-in subwoofer yet still maintains a sleek look and design.

The product’s multi-speaker control technology syncs the drivers in the soundbar to produce clearer sound.


It can also predict and cancel distortion at the speaker movement before it happens for a smoother sound.

The new Samsung soundbars – the N650 and NW700 – will be available in Australia in the first quarter of 2018.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Rome as a guest of Samsung