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Telstra launches Smart Wi-Fi Booster 2.0 to improve your home network

Telstra has just released the Smart Wi-Fi Booster 2.0 which is designed to expand and improve the wireless network in your home and reduce blackspots so you can always stay connected.

The new device is designed to work with the Telstra Smart Modem to extend your wireless coverage from the modem’s base.

And, unlike other mesh wi-fi solutions, the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster 2.0 pairs wirelessly with the modem and removes the need for a secondary device.

Other mesh wi-fi systems need to be connected directly to the modem with the secondary satellite device placed in a central position in the home.

That’s not the case with the Smart Wi-Fi Booster 2.0 which can be linked to the modem in a simple two button set up.

The second-generation booster has also been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The device also intelligently manages the network and requires minimal user intervention.

Smart phones and other wireless devices in your home will automatically connect to the network as they move around their home.

This is important to customers who want to stream content in various parts of the home without interruption.

“Telstra is not only the first Australian telco but also the first telco in the world to have the global Wi-Fi EasyMesh standard accreditation on both a modem and extender device,” says Telstra connected home and business executive Michele Garra.

“Now, our customers can get even better wi-fi coverage in their home or small office and can take steps to reduce or resolve black spots in those hard-to-reach places.

“Where previously customers would have had to plug an additional booster into their modem, the mesh technology built into the Telstra Smart Modem 2.0 means those customers will usually only need to purchase one booster device to extend their wireless signal in their home or office.

It’s a simpler and less cluttered solution for customers with wi-fi issues.

“We are continuing to focus on innovation so our customers can experience the best connectivity both inside and out of their homes.

“We know that the wi-fi experience in the home can sometimes be challenging due to a number of factors out of our customer’s control, such as building construction, larger dwellings, or interference from other devices.”

The Telstra Smart  Wi-Fi Booster 2.0 is available now for $192 outright or $8 per month for 24 month.