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Vodafone now offering even faster NBN plans with unlimited data


Vodafone has hit the accelerator to offer two new higher speed plans on the NBN with customers now able to choose 250Mbps or 1000Mbps download speeds.

From today, some customers in busy households who have fibre to the premises (FTTP) or Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable can opt for these faster speeds.

“Around 40% of our customers have chosen our Premium NBN plan (NBN 100) so we know that there is strong demand for higher speed plans in the Australian market,” said Vodafone Chief Customer Officer Ana Bordeianu.

“Connected devices are on the rise in Australia, going from 17 devices per household in 2018 to an expected 37 devices per household by 2022.

“Couple this trend with increasing working from home, online homework, and streaming services, and it becomes even more important for Australians to have the right home broadband solution.

“At Vodafone we want to make sure that our plan suite evolves to reflect our customers’ changing needs, and they have the freedom to enjoy the benefits of Vodafone NBN.”

The Vodafone NBN 250 plan will be priced at $135 per month and the Ultra NBN (1000Mbps) will be $155 per month. Both plans also come with unlimited data.

These contracts have no lock in terms and also come with a 4G back-up modem should the NBN be unavailable.

Vodafone NBN can be bundled in with other Vodafone services to reduce plan fees.

Bundle and Save offers eligible customers from 5 per cent discount for two bundled services and up to 20 per cent off with five bundled services.