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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull labels the NBN “a massive waste of money”


On the same day the NBN connected its first Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) premises, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has labelled the nationwide broadband network “a massive waste of money”. Speaking to reporters in Canberra ahead of a Four Corner special about the troubled NBN, Mr Turnbull answered “yes” when asked if the “project was a mistake” and “a massive waste of money”, according to …

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New Telstra TV brings together even more content and now in 4K HDR


Telstra has launched the latest version of its Telstra TV device which can bring together free-to-air TV, subscription TV and on-demand streaming into one unit which is capable of displaying 4K HDR content. The new Telstra TV will be available to Telstra fixed broadband customers from October 31. It is a Roku-powered device like the original which sold more than a million units – outselling …

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Amaysim now offering competitive energy plans alongside its mobile plans


Amaysim is trying to do to the Australian energy market what it did to our country’s mobile plans – compete with lower prices and offer the customer more value than ever. The company is adding to its portfolio of mobile and broadband services with a multi-vertical model to achieve a goal of becoming a utility supplier. It comes at a time when the cost of …

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Samsung launches FlexWash and Family Hub 2.0 smart refrigerator

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Samsung has launched the FlexWash – a smart all-on-one washing machine that makes it easier for busy households to save time with their laundry – and its latest edition of the Family Hub smart refrigerators. SAMSUNG FLEXWASH The wi-fi enabled FlexWash has both a top and front load washing machine – so families can do two separate loads at once. And the front loader includes …

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NBN tops customer complaints list to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman


Australian consumers and businesses have hammered the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman with a staggering 158,016 complaints in the last financial year about their mobile, landline and internet services. That’s an increase of 41.1 per cent over the previous year, according to the TIO’s annual report which was released today. It’s the highest level of complaints since 2012/2013. And for the first time it was complaints about …

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ANZ Bank customers can now use eftpos instead of credit with Apple Pay


Up until now using Apple Pay meant the customer was making a credit transaction but today eftpos announced a collaboration with Apple and the ANZ Bank to access their own money in real time. Now ANZ Bank customers can make mobile payments with Apple Pay using eftpos (electronic fund transfer at point of sale) and with all the same security measures and convenience. ANZ is …

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Get updated and educated with Episode 270 of the excellent Tech Guide podcast

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech at Samsung headquarters in Seoul

Tune in to Episode 270 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech, so you can stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech news and reviews. On this week’s bumper show, has wi-fi security been cracked wide open, we go behind the scenes at Samsung headquarters in South Korea and how fake Apple ID pop-ups could steal your passwords and …

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Inside look at how Samsung handled the Note7 crisis and regained customer trust


Samsung’s recall and eventual cancellation of the Galaxy Note7 was well documented but for the first time the company has revealed what happened inside its headquarters as they dealt with the crisis. Tech Guide was at the Samsung HQ in Seoul recently to take a look inside the walls of the electronics giant’s Suwon campus – home to more than 30,000 employees. While we were …

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Take a look at Huawei’s new Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro smartphones


Huawei has unveiled the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro which boast new designs, improved displays and cameras along with the world’s first artificial intelligence smartphone processor. The Huawei Mate 10 has a 5.9-inch 16:9 display and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro has a 6-inch 18:9 OLED screen which goes edge to edge with HDR10 to enjoy the latest high quality content. The device has …

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Security crack makes every wi-fi device vulnerable – everything you need to know


The security to protect the connection between a wireless network and computers, smartphones and tablets has been breached and could leave every wi-fi device wide open to hackers. The WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol, used to protect basically every secure wi-fi network in the world, has been cracked according to security expert Mathy Vanhoef who found a vulnerability. This bug is known as KRACK – …

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D-Link partners with Kwilt so you can access all of your photos anywhere


D-Link has partnered with Kwilt –  a company that created a dynamic platform that allows users to access all their photos no matter where they are located – in a single stream. D-Link routers DIR-885L and DIR-895L are already Kwilt-enabled and can gather your images from social media, cloud storage and mobile devices like phone and tablets into one photo stream. Owners of these routers …

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Tune in to Two Blokes Talking Tech Episode 318 – the international edition


It’s an international edition of Two Blokes Talking Tech for Episode 318 with Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech chatting to EFTM’s Trevor Long from Samsung headquarters in South Korea. On this week’s show, Stephen talks about what he saw after spending two days at the Samsung plus fake Apple ID pop ups could steal your passwords and Foxtel updates its broadband plans. The blokes also …

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Samsung’s new Star Wars POWERbots are strong with the Force – of suction


The Force – of suction – is strong with the new Samsung Star Wars limited edition robotic vacuum cleaners in the shape of Darth Vader and a First Order Stormtrooper to help you clean up your empire. These POWERbots have been released ahead of the release of the latest Star Wars film – Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and they’re smart enough to navigate …

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Meet evaSMART – your very own personal air conditioner


Just in time for summer, Evapolar has launched the evaSMART EV3000 personal air conditioner which can be integrated and controlled with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smarter Things and Amazon Alexa. The device allows users to create their own comfort zone as it cools, humidifies and purifies the air in a personal space of up to four square metres. evaSMART’s cooling effect is the result …

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Fake Apple ID pop ups could steal your password and credit card details


iPhone and iPad users could have their Apple account passwords and credit card details stolen with a fake login pop up that can easily be generated by a malicious iOS app. Developers have the ability to create this pop up that looks just like the official Apple sign-in method. This “phishing” attack – a method to lure users into volunteering their passwords by thinking it’s …

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