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Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker will be available on February 9


Apples highly-anticipated HomePod smart speaker goes on sale on Friday, February 9 with pre-orders kicking off for Australian customers this Saturday, January 27. HomePod will be priced at $499 and can be controlled by Siri using your voice to play your music, send a message, set a timer, play a podcast and check the news, sports, weather and traffic. The device can also be used …

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Stay updated and educated with Episode 283 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast


Tune in to Episode 283 of the top rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech, to stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech news and reviews. On this week’s show, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks out about the controversial iPhone slowdown, Amazon Alexa is coming to Australia very soon and Westpac can now let you do your banking using iMessage. In …

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Telstra releases its new rugged smartphone for tradies – the Tough Max 2


Telstra has unveiled its new Tough Max 2 smartphone – the toughened device designed to handle the rough stuff. It is ideal for tradies, construction workers, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts. Version two of the device has a 5-inch display that is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass and with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720. The device is powered by a 1.4Ghz octa-core processor and …

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Vodafone reduces the pricing on its NBN unlimited data plans

Vodafone Logo

Vodafone today slashed the pricing on its NBN plans with up to $25 reductions to make it even more competitive and a tempting choice for customers looking to connect their home to faster internet. Vodafone launched its NBN services earlier this year with all its plans coming with unlimited data so there’s no end to the amount of streaming you can do. The Vodafone NBN …

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GoPro’s Fusion 360-degree camera is now available in Australia


GoPro has announced the availability in Australia of its new product Fusion – the 360-degree camera which will allows users to shoot in all directions and create immersive videos. The camera can capture 5.2K 360-degree spherical content without any stitch lines so you can film in all directions all the time. The device has a lens front and back and uses Overcapture, software that is …

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Westpac customers can now do their banking using iMessage


Westpac customers who own an iPhone will now be able to pay family, friends and other contacts via an SMS with the launch of an Australian first with Westpac for iMessage. Westpac for iMessage is part of the latest version of the Westpac mobile banking app on the iPhone running iOS 11. Customers can click on the new Westpac icon at the bottom of the …

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says “we should have been clearer” over iPhone slowdown


Apple CEO Tim Cook has opened up and apologized to customers in a TV interview about the controversy surrounding the battery issues and iPhone slowdowns saying “we should have been clearer”. “Our actions were always the purest,” Mr Cook said in an exclusive interview on ABC News in the US. The Apple boss also said the company was introducing a system update to monitor the …

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Google Home sales tripled in Australia over Christmas before dominating CES


Without a doubt, one of the biggest winners at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was Google. Everywhere you looked, there were products infused with Google Assistant and all we heard was “Hey Google”. There’s no doubt the smart speakers Google Home and Google Home Mini have been popular since they were launched in Australia in the middle of last year. Google Home …

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Companies reveal Alexa skills after Amazon’s Australian launch announcement

Echo Dot

With the announcement of Amazon’s Alexa and Echo products arriving in Australia next month, there have been a stampede of companies revealing their compatibility with the voice-powered service. No sooner had the news came through that Amazon’s Alexa will be available in early February through its Echo range of devices, we found out about all the information and services from various companies which will be …

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Amazon Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited are coming to Australia in February


Amazon will launch its range of Alexa-enabled devices – Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus, along with the Amazon Music Unlimited service, in Australia and New Zealand in early February. Alexa is the brain that powers the Echo family of products. It is built in the cloud and tens of thousands of developers are tapping into its abilities to allow you to use your …

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We wrap up all the big news from CES in Episode 282 of the Tech Guide podcast


We wrap up all the major announcements from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in Episode 282 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by Stephen Fenech. On this week show, we take you through all the big news revealed at CES from companies including LG, Samsung, Hisense, Alcatel and Netgear. Will also talk about some of the quirky products we found on the …

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Netgear reveals its new range of products to connect us faster, safer and easier


Netgear has revealed some powerful new products to speed up your connection and give you the edge while playing online, keep you and your kids safe and make it easier to keep your home secure. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Netgear range includes the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Router (XR500), new parental controls from Circle Media, security enhancements, wirefree Arlo lighting to work …

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We played ping pong against a giant robot at CES


Robots and artificial intelligence were everywhere at the Consumer Electronics Show and all were designed for different purposes one of the more fun units we found was designed to play ping-pong. And that’s exactly what we did with the Omron Forpheus – a robot designed to take you through a ping-pong rally and sharpen your skills. Forpheus, which actually stands for Future Omron Robotics Technology …

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D-Link unveils it range of devices to connect you faster and protect you as well


D-Link has released a range of new connected devices designed to optimise our home wi-fi, keep all of our devices safe, allow us to monitor our homes even easier with Google Assistant and connect even faster. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the new D-Link products include a wi-fi router with McAfee security onboard, the Covr range of tri and dual bank …

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