How technology has helped making faster and precise trading decisions

From accurate and reliable trading robots to stress-relieving indicators, technology has revolutionised finance and, more specifically, forex trading. These indicators and trading tools are usually compatible with regulated forex brokers like Oanda.

If you are tired of inefficient transaction processes, slippage and poor trading results, keep reading to learn the three technological innovations that can help you become the best trader you can be. 

3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Trading Results

1 Forex Trading Robots

Forex trading robots are algorithms that can be used to analyse the forex market and then execute and manage trades. 

Technical analysis software can analyse price charts and price data and forecast price movement. This analysis can be performed with technical analysis tools and indicators that are usually encoded into the trading robot. They can scan different currency pairs and select the best trading opportunities for you to trade. These tools can relieve you of the stress of analysing the market for hours and scouring different time frames for a trade setup. 

In addition, some trading algorithms can go a step further to execute the trades on your behalf. These algorithms find high-probability trade setups and execute the trades with the risk parameters that you have specified. Your main task would be to ensure that the algorithm contains the right trading strategy with the proper risk management parameters. 

Finally, some expert advisors can analyse the forex market, execute the deals and manage them accordingly. Automating your trading procedures helps you treat trading like a business and not a bothersome chore. It also relieves you of stress by ensuring the efficiency and objectivity of your trading decisions. 

2 Virtual Private Servers(VPS)

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Forex virtual private servers are remote computers that you can use to access the internet without interruption. Companies that provide this service charge you a fee, and in return, they give you remote access to a computer system that is constantly running with high-speed internet access. You can access this virtual system from the comfort of your home on your local computer. Having a VPS is just like having a second computer somewhere in the world that you can use remotely. 

Why is a VPS Important in Forex Trading? 

A forex virtual private server provides two main benefits; 

24-hour Trading

The uninterrupted internet access of a VPS ensures that your trading tools like MT4 and forex robots are always online, thereby ensuring that your trading robots are not affected by slow Wifi connections or power cuts that you may experience. Traders who use trade management robots can use virtual private servers to ensure that their transactions are always managed efficiently. If you experience a power cut or hardware failure on your local computer, your forex robot may cease to operate, which can negatively affect your open forex trades. The best way to protect yourself from the effects of any unforeseen circumstance is to connect your trading tools to a VPS. 

Speedy Trade Execution

Virtual private servers provide you with instantaneous trade execution to avoid the effects of lag or slippage, helping you enter forex trades at optimum price levels and maximise your trading opportunities.

3 Forex Trading Indicators

Indicators are tools of technical analysis that help to predict price movement. They’re created to analyse past price data and use price behaviour to predict future prices. Indicators can help to simplify your analysis by assisting you to identify trading opportunities quickly. Some of the popular forex indicators include; 

Moving Averages

Moving averages are dynamic support and resistance tools that help determine the price levels that can potentially act as support and resistance levels. The moving averages work by taking the average of the previous candlesticks and using this to predict the possible key levels. 

There are two types of moving averages; smooth moving averages and exponential moving averages. 


The Fibonacci is a trading indicator that helps you predict the price levels from which a market trend is likely to continue. After an impulse move, the forex market retraces before the trend continues. 

Using the Fibonacci to determine where the retracement is expected to end allows you to capitalise on the new impulse. 

Relative Strength Index

The relative strength index is an indicator that helps to determine the market trend and shows you the overbought and oversold condition of the forex market. The indicator has a range of 0 to 100. 

When the midline moves above the 70 mark, it indicates an uptrend, but when it goes below the 30 mark, this means a downtrend. 


The moving average convergence/divergence shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. 

It is a trend-following indicator that shows the fluctuations in the strength, trend and momentum of a currency pair. 

As a forex trader, indicators and trading tools would indeed make a great addition to your repertoire. If you need to get better trading results with efficient trade management and execution processes, you must embrace technological advancements today.

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