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Meet Sphero Mini – the golf ball-size robot you can drive with your face

Sphero has unveiled the Mini – the company’s smallest app-enabled robotic ball – that is still packed with features and entertaining abilities despite its much smaller size.

Sphero Mini is about the size of a golf ball and you can drive it, play games and even use it as a video game controller.

The tech that drives the regular Sphero ball robots has been packed into an even smaller space and includes an accelerometer, gyroscope and LED lights that can change colour.

When paired with the companion app, Sphero Mini users can drive it around using the virtual joystick.

But, for the first time, users can drive the Sphero Mini with their face. You can either make different expressions to make the robotic ball move forward or back or tilt your head left or right to make the device move in the same direction.

Included in the box are small bowling pins and witch’s hats which you can use to set up an obstacle course and hone your driving skills.


With the bowling pins, you can use the fun slingshot mode so you can have your own little bowling alley.

Another driving mode is tilt which lets you move your mobile device to steer the Sphero Mini.


The Sphero Mini has a 10m range and can glow in any colour you choose.

And not only can you play games with Sphero Mini you can also use Sphero Mini to play your other games – that’s right, it can be used as a video game controller.


Instead of using your smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen to control the action, the Sphero Mini can be used by holding it in your hand.

And the Sphero Mini is also programmable. If you want to learn how to steer the robotic ball your way, you can download the Sphero Edu app and get started using Javascript.


The Sphero Mini runs for 45 minutes on a single charge so you can have plenty of fun before you need to recharge it.

And you might be wondering how do you actually charge it? There is no visible microUSB port.


Users can pull apart the two halves of Sphero Mini and access the mechanism inside where the charging port is located.


The Sphero Mini is priced at $79.95 and available now from JB Hi-Fi, Australian Geographic, EB Games, Harvey Norman, Myer, and