Modern technology gives us many things.

The features to look for when buying a smart washing machine

If you’re in the market for a washing machine today, it’s a whole new world out there. Technology and connectivity have brought this once humble appliance to an all-new level to make it even faster and easier to use.

While Samsung may be best known for its televisions and smartphones, it also has an impressive line-up of front-loading washing machines which combines the latest technology and AI with speed and efficiency.

Now washing machines aren’t something you purchase on a whim.

But when you are buying a replacement or moving into a new home, here are the five things to look out for.


We’re living in the 21st century and most of the products we buy are smarter than ever before more connected than ever before – and that now includes the washing machine.

Most of Samsung’s washing machines have built-in wi-fi so you can track your cycle and receive a notification on your compatible smartphone when it’s complete through the SmartThings app.1

From here it can be sent to the Samsung washing machine which will be ready to go once you’ve loaded the clothes and added the detergent.


Yes, Samsung has added Artificial Intelligence to many of its washing machines.

Samsung AI Wash2 cycle uses 4 sensors to determine the weight of your load and detect the level of dirt and works out the right amount of water and rinse time and automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent.  This helps save on time and minimise water and detergent wastage.

Not only that, it will also remember your washing habits and frequently used settings to display them3 on the digital control panel.

This also works hand in hand with the SmartThings app which can provide advice on cycles and planning your wash.


It’s fair to say people would prefer to spend less time washing and more time doing the things they enjoy. Samsung knows this too.

That’s why it has developed QuickDriveTM technology for some of its washers which can complete your loads in nearly half the time and using up to 20 per cent less energy4.

It works via the QDrum which is comprised of both a main drum and a back plate that operate independently to produce a dynamic dual action for an excellent wash in a short period of time.

The Samsung AddWashTM feature on some front-load washing machines can also help save you time with a clever little door that can be accessed mid-wash to include forgotten items or fabric softener rather than starting again. 5

With AddWashTM you can include a forgotten item or extra garments to the current load rather than starting again. There is also a wide choice of cycles to ensure it gently matches the clothes you’re washing.

If you’re really in a hurry, the Speed Cycle on some other washers, takes just 39 minutes to power through a 5kg load6.

Samsung’s washing machines are available at up to 12kg capacity so you can wash more clothes in fewer loads whether it’s your entire family’s gear or the sheets from your king size bed.


You’d expect a high level of hygiene with a washing machine, but Samsung goes the extra mile to ensure a very deep clean of your garments.

We’re living at a time when we are more focused than ever on health and hygiene.

A Samsung washing machine will offer peace of mind and help remove up to 99.9 per cent of certain common bacteria7 and allergens8.

It does this by using a deep clean in combination with a new washer powerful steam cycle.

When this setting is chosen, steam is released into the drum so that every item in your load is totally saturated which make it clean and hygienic.


The last thing you want from your washing machine is noisy operation that disturbs your home’s peace and quiet.

Samsung’s front loading washing machines use VRT+ technology which helps keep the noise and vibrations to a minimum.

Samsung says, as a result, its machines with VRT+ technology are up to 30 per cent quieter during washes.9

This means you’re not restricted to doing your laundry during the day.

You can now schedule them at night so it’s ready to be hung out or put into the dryer first thing in the morning.

To achieve this level of quiet Samsung has developed digital inverter technology which uses magnets instead of brushes.

This innovation also adds to the washing machine’s durability which is why Samsung can offer an 11-year warranty10.

* This post was supported by Samsung 


  • Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection, a Samsung account and download of Samsung SmartThings app are required. Data charges may apply.
  • Available on select Samsung Smart AI Washers. AI Wash holds detergent for up to 1 month’s washing, based on the average of 4 loads per week. May vary depending on the washing load and settings.
  • Available on Smart AI washers and dryers
  • Available on select Samsung washers, with Quick Drive] compared with previous Samsung WW6500K. Saves up to 50% time and 20% energy on Cotton cycle (40℃, half load), based on third party testing conducted with reference to AS/NZS 2040.1.2005 and AS/NZS 2040:2.2005. Cycle duration may vary depending on the water supply and weight/type of laundry.
  • AddWash is available on select Samsung washers only. Add Door can be opened at any time if drum water temperature is below 50°C and has stopped spinning
  • Super Speed cycle available on select Samsung washers only. Based on Super Speed at default settings with a 5kg load.
  • Based on the Intertek test report for the Hygiene steam course. Removes 99.9% of certain bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Individual results may vary.
  • Based on The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) test report for the Hygiene Steam course. Removes allergens derived from house dust mites.
  • Compared to Samsung washing machine models without VRT Plus™.
  • See warranty card or for details