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Sony unveils the Tablet S


Sony has revealed a range of new products – its new tablet device, a wireless eReader and a wireless speaker.

Sony Tablet S

Sony’s Tablet S will arrive in Australia at the end of October in 16GB and 32GB versions. There is also an SD card slot to increase the memory.

The device will run the Android operating system and features a unique design to make it look like a folded magazine.

This wedge shape provides a natural angle when resting on a table for easy viewing and tying.

The Tablet S has a 9.4-inch TruBlack screen which reduces glare and reflection even when used outdoors.

The Sony Tablet S will be available in 16GB and 32GB versions and goes on sale in late October

Apart from its design and shape, the Sony Tablet S distinguishes itself from other Android tablets with a range of functions.

It can be used to wirelessly direct content from the tablet itself and from other products around your home to devices like speakers, stereos and TVs which are also a part of your network.

Sony’s Tablet S can also double as a universal remote to control other devices regardless of their brand through its built-in infra-red technology.

And to top it off the Sony Tablet S is the only product of its kind to be PlayStation certified which means users can enjoy a wide range of games with Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes pre-installed.

The Sony Tablet S will be priced at $579 (16GB) and $689 (32GB) with pre-orders being taken at the end of September with a late October delivery.

Sony Reader Wi-Fi Touch

Sony’s previous Reader was a huge success and the latest models builds on the features which customers responded to.

The latest version has added wi-fi connectivity while at the same time shedding size and weight. It’s just 8.9mm thick and also the world’s lightest eReader at just 168g.

Sony's new wi-fi Reader - the world's lightest 6-inch eReader

The e-Ink Pearl touchscreen has 16 levels of greyscale with users able to navigate the pages of their ebook using either the dedicated buttons or by sweeping their finger in the direction they’d like to turn the page.

Sony’s Reader Wi-Fi Touch will be priced at $179 and will be available in October.

Sony N300 Wireless Speaker

Sony already boasts some impressive audio products but those ranks have now grown even further with the addition of a wireless speaker.

The N300 has a 360 degree directional speaker design and can connect wirelessly to audio systems and other devices on the network.

Speakers can be positioned around the home and used in any room within the home’s wireless network when linked to a compatible product.

Sony N300 wi-fi speaker can be used for streaming content

If there’s two or more Sony N300 speakers in the home they can be synced to the same audio stream to play at the same time using a feature called Party Streaming.

The speaker can also be controlled with the included remote or with an iPhone or iPod Touch using the free Network Audio Remote app.

The N300 will be available in October and will be priced at $229.