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How to convert VHS tapes to DVD


One of the most questions we get asked most is how to convert old VHS tapes to DVD – here is the solution

If you’re like us you’ve still got a few video tapes kicking around in the back of the cupboard which are crying out to be converted to digital.

It was a large box of home movies which prompted us to seek out a solution to bring those videos into the 21st century.

That solution came in the shape of Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD package that could digitise the video and burn it to DVD.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD includes capture software and a USB dongle to connect the video source to your Mac or PC.

The package can also be used to convert your old LPs to CDs as well.

The first step is to install the Easy VHS to DVD Capture software. Once this was completed our next task was to connect the source device, in this case the VCR, to our computer.

The included Roxio USB dongle connects the VCR to your Mac or PC

From the video out ports on the back of the VCR we connected the red and white audio leads and yellow video lead to the Roxio USB dongle.

The dongle had the corresponding audio and video inputs to complete the connection.

Once the software is opened you can name the video you’re about to convert and set the length of the recording so it can stop automatically.

This feature makes it possible to let the application run in the background with the audio muted. This way is it easy to churn through a few tapes a days to get through your entire collection.

When you hit play on the VCR a small playback window appears in the Easy VHS to DVD Capture application beside a big record button.

Once the videos are in the system users have a few options on what they can do with them.

There’s the choice to edit the movies, save them to a directory on your hard drive or external hard drive or to burn onto to DVD.

They can also be saved to a format so they can be viewed on an iPhone, iPod and iPad or any other mobile, media player and tablet PC.

Users can also create professional looking videos complete with animated menus that will make people think they came straight out of Hollywood.

It’s also possible to create disc labels from an impressive list of templates.

With Roxio Easy VHS to DVD you can set the name and length of the video

While everything turned out well most of the time, there were a couple of occasions where the software locked up while it was processing the video after we’d finished converting from the video tape.

In this instance the resulting file was only the first few minutes of the video so we had to convert it again.

That aside, the process is easy and the results are impressive.

Now it’s just as easy to connect your audio source – a cassette player or turntable – and create digital files to either load onto an iPod or create CDs.

The software will also access Gracenote data online to automatically add title, artists and genre information to the tracks.

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD

Price: $99.99 (PC Version), $139 (Mac version)

Three and a half stars (out of five)

The Mac version of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD