Modern technology gives us many things.

Contour – the camera designed to go anywhere


Want the world to have a front row seat to your adventures – then the Contour Plus is your next video camera.

One thing modern technology has allowed is to do is share our experiences in high video quality with our friends and families either in person or on the internet.

Adventurers have more experiences than most to share and they need a camera that can chronicle everything they do while they’re doing it.

The Contour Plus is just that camera. It offers hands free operation and can go anywhere whether it’s strapped to a helmet, your handlebars or the windscreen of your car.

This device is designed to go places regular video cameras can’t.


The Contour Plus is small enough to fit in your hand. Its tubular shape sits is positioned on a base which attaches to a variety of objects depending on what you want to capture.

At one end of the barrel is the lens and, at the opposite end, the on/off switch and the flip up panel which can access the battery, the outputs and the microSD card slot.

The Contour HD video camera

The full high definition camera has a brush aluminium barrel for added strength so there’s no worry the device won’t keep up with you and the demands you place on it.

The 170-degree wide angle lens can be adjusted to suit the angle the Contour Plus is positioned.

For example, if the Contour Plus is strapped sideways to the side of a helmet or the handlebars of a bike the lens can be twisted up to 180 degrees to ensure your video is being shot the right way up.

There’s HDMI Out to allow users to upload the video to a computer or stream it to a TV.

There’s also a Bluetooth and a USB port.


The Contour Plus doesn’t have a flip out LCD screen to view what’s coming through the device’s lens.

Its wide angle lens assures users they are capturing exactly what’s in front of it. In fact you’ll capture a fair bit more.

Even when the camera is placed quite close to a subject or an object the 170 degree sweep of the lens means you can see the whole thing.

But what if you did want to set up a viewfinder. Easy. iPhone owners can simply download the free Contour app and connect to the device via Bluetooth.

Once the device is paired to the iPhone and the app is fired up you’ll see an almost real time view of the image coming through the Contour Plus’s lens on the iPhone’s screen.

And it works within the 10 metres radius of Bluetooth’s range so the iPhone doesn’t always have to be sitting right next to the Contour Plus.

The Contour camera can go anywhere and see what you see

The App also gives users the ability to configure the camera to suit their needs and the conditions.

Users can adjust the sensitivity of the Contour Plus’s built-in microphone as well as adjust the white balance, sharpness and exposure.

Video resolution can also be adjusted and there’s also a photo mode on board to capture 5 megapixels pictures.

And even after you’ve strapped the camera where you want it and finished your race, your drive, your climb or your ski run there’s a lot more you can do.

The Contour Plus also has GPS and capture your location at the same time as your video. So not only can you see what you’ve just filmed it’s also possible to watch your progress on a map.

Pretty dramatic stuff if you’ve just powered down a mountain track on your bike or finished a long ski run and can see the view through the camera and the path being traced on a map next to the screen.

And you can even rewind, fast forward and click to the best parts on the map and the video jumps to that point as well

Viewers can see the video as well as the recorded GPS at the same time

Now when it comes to sharing the Contour Plus also allows for easy editing which is as simple as clipping your favourite sections before uploading.

Video can easily be uploaded using the Contour Storyteller software to the website.

And once it’s on it can then be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter, emailed to your friends and family or embedded on your website.

The Contour Plus is compatible with Mac and Windows computers. There are also a number of accessories including mounts which make the device easier to be attached to flat surfaces, handlebars, windscreens, helmets and goggle streaps.

There is also a waterproof housing to allow the Contour to go into the water and into the surf as well.


If you enjoy the great outdoors and the adventures which can be found there then the Contour Plus is the first thing you should take with you.

Living in Australia there is not shortage of experiences that can be captured, shared and enjoyed with the device.

Contour Plus

Price: $649. Also Contour HD $295; Contour GPS $449

Four stars (out of five)