Modern technology gives us many things.

Apple’s latest must-have apps


The latest must-have apps can be used on your bike, by golfers, by wannabe DJs and can even take your blood pressure.

Would Apple have had any idea about the depth, breadth and scale of the App Store when it opened it three short years ago?

In that time, more than 425,000 apps have been developed with more than 15 billion downloads to more than 220 million iOS devices around the world.

Games also figure quote prominently in the App Store – in fact it’s the biggest category with more than 100,000 apps.

There are also more than 100,000 apps which have been made just for the iPad even though the device was only released 15 months ago.

These latest apps have taken things to an exciting new level with developers creating apps that make clever use of the technology aboard the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

But they’ve also added accessories to the mix which creates an amazing and magical experience.


Category: Sports

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: Free

The iBike apps for iPhone/iPod TouchIf you’re an avid cyclist and own an iPhone or iPod Touch then you’ve got the ultimate multi-function bicycle computer.

It is used with the iBike Dash accessory – a weather-proof housing which attaches to your handlebars and links wirelessly to a sensor on the back wheel.

Once connected this free app which can measure speed and distance and display it right on the device’s screen.

With additional accessories the app and accessory can also measure cadence and your heart rate.

And because there’s also GPS and Google maps on board the iPhone, riders can also see their location on a map.

When you’ve finished your ride you can email your ride information to anyone at the press of a button.


The iPing app and cradle can help improve your putting


Category: Sports

Device: iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: Free

Avid golfers all agree on one thing – you can never practice too much.

Then how about an app which can improve your putting?

With iPing you can. This app takes advantage of the gyroscope and accelerometer on board the iPhone or iPod Touch and brings in a small cradle (available at extra cost) which can both house the device and clip it to the shaft of your putter.

Now players can practice their putting and let iPing examine their stroke.

It will analyse your stroke type, impact angle and your tempo with the aim of improving your consistency.

iPing assigns a score when it finishes its analysis which can then be compared with the scores of players from the PGA and European golf tours to see how you stack up against the pros.

As they say on the course: “you drive for show, you putt for dough” and iPing can help get you into the money.

The Withngs wi-fi scale which can link with Withings WiScale app

Withings WiScale

Category: Healthcare and Fitness

Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Price: Free

Healthcare is an important part of our lives and our well-being  can now be easily monitored using an app.

Withings WiScale app connects to two accessories to allow users to keep an eye on their weight and their blood pressure.

The first accessories is the Withings scale and what separates this scale from the rest is the fact it had wi-fi connectivity.

Simply step on the scale and it can not only measure your weight but also your BMI (Body Mass Index) and muscle mass.

The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

It then sends this information to the app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad where it can store it and graph the entries over time.

But it doesn’t stop there. Withings also has an accessory that can connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch through the 30-pin dock connector to measure your blood pressure.

After strapping the device your arm and activating the app the strap inflates and gently eases off until it has established your blood pressure.

And like your weight this information can be stored and graphed and then easily shared with your doctor.

The Crayola ColourStudio HD - the 21st century colouring book for iPad

Crayola ColourStudio HD

Category: Games

Device: iPad

Price: Free

Meet the colouring book of the 21st century.

Imagine having a colouring book which includes animation, reusable pictures and the chance to download more as well as the ability to share your work.

With Crayola’s ColourStudio HD it becomes a reality.

When used with the iMarker from Griffin, the Crayola ColourStudio HD becomes the most advanced colouring book on the planet.

Choose a picture theme and the colour of the crayon, brush or pencil and the iMarker does rest.

The app won’t allow users to colour with their finger but they navigate the settings.

One of the settings can even lend a hand to help you stay inside the lines with your colours.

Crayola ColourStudio makes use of the iPad’s excellent large screen and is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.

And when they’ve finished colouring in their masterpiece they can share it on Facebook and email and even sent it wirelessly to a compatible printer.

The Australian app Procreate is an incredible drawing and painting tool


Category: Entertainment

Device: iPad

Price: $5.49

Here’s an app by Australian developers Savage Interactive which can bring out the artist in you.

It offers desktop grade brushes and tools, brush customisation and an advanced layering system to turn the iPad into the most advanced canvas in the world.

The level of detail which can be achieved is astonishing with many of the example we saw looking like actual photographs than drawings.

And unlike a real canvas it’s easy to change the size and opacity of a brush and, if you don’t like the latest strokes you’ve just drawn you tap to undo.

Procreate offers up to 100 undos so artists can really experiment and let their imaginations run wild.

Shadow Gun for iPad has incredibly detailed and smooth graphics

Shadow Gun

Category: Games

Device: iPad

Price: $TBA

The iPad has already demonstrated itself to be an amazing gaming platform and the iPad 2 has just taken that even further thanks to its faster A5 processor and vastly improved graphics processor.

One app that will showcase the iPad 2 even further is an upcoming game called Shadow Gun.

This third person shooter game has breathtaking and richly detailed graphics which run at 60 frames per second for smooth game play.

This action shooter has on screen touch controls which are easy to master and a lot of fun.

Keep an eye out for Shadow Gun when it hits the App Store in September.

Australian creation Real Racing 2 HD can be played on full HD in your TV

Real Racing 2 HD

Category: Games

Device: iPad 2

Price: $10.49

Here’s another hit from Australian developer Firemint, the same people who brought us Flight Control.

Real Racing 2 HD takes advantage of the iPad 2 in a couple of ways.

First it makes great use of the iPad 2’s improved speed and graphics capabilities to deliver a realistic driving experience.

But what’s even better is fact the game can be played on your high definition television’s screen with the help of the digital AV adaptor and a HDMI cable.

Drivers use the iPad as their steering wheel with all the action taking place on the TV’s screen with full 1080p full HD output.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore app reinvents the ebook experience

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore

Category: Books

Device: iPad

Price: $5.49

Here is an eBook like no other which takes the reading experience and adds layers of interactivity and fun.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore offer a new narrative experience by telling an animated story in words and pictures and with music.

During the story there are indicators on the screen that allows the reader to literally go hands on with the story affect objects and people on the story through the iPad’s multi-touch screen.

Readers will also find some interactive side games which add even more depth and fun to the whole experience.

The pictures are of an amazing artistic quality an makes it even easier to get immersed into the story.

All eBooks should be like this.

Hit the decks with the DJay app


Category: Music

Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price: $20.99 (iPad); $0.99 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

If you’re into your music and dreamed of spinning the discs at the world’s hottest nightclubs then DJay is the app for you.

It can be played on the iPhone and iPod Touch but it really comes to life on the iPad.

Users are presented with twin turntables that provide a realistic mixing experience as well as access to their own music library to play with.

Songs can be slowed, powered down and scratched in the same way you would on physical decks.

Serious DJs have got a lot of control at their fingertips with users having the ability to stream the music to a speaker of surround system using Airplay or Bluetooth.

Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a world famous artist, DJay will be fun for all.