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UE Roll speaker review – take it anywhere without missing a beat

Ultimate Ears has just unveiled the UE Roll – the latest mobile speaker to join the popular Boom and Megaboom models that can provide great sound anywhere you go.

The circular speaker has a diameter of 13.5cm and is 4cm thick which makes it small and light (340g) enough to carry with you and become part of your mobile and social lifestyle.

UE Roll is waterproof with an IPX7 certification and is covered with the same stain resistant material used with the UE Boom and MegaBoom speakers.

There are the signature + and – symbols on the front so users can easily control the volume. There are no other controls on the device. Users need to use their smartphone and the UE Roll app to navigate their music.


On the rear side is a rubberised surface with the microUSB charging port and audio input hidden under a sealable flap.

Also on the back is a bungee cord that clips to the edge of the speaker so it can be secured to a bag or a backpack – or your clothes.


And when the bungee cord is unclipped it can be used as a handle as well.

Like its UE Boom and UE MegaBoom cousins, the UE Roll offers a 360-degree sound – unlike a traditional square speaker which is designed to be heard in a room by a person sitting in front of it.


The UE Roll is designed to be heard anywhere and its sound travels in all directions.

Speaking of sound, the UE Roll’s audio quality is remarkable for a small speaker.

The sound output would be considered powerful even for a larger speaker.


The audio is clear at all levels and even at full volume there is no distortion. There’s also a nice level of bass too.

Users can also gain even more control of the UE Roll with the accompanying UE Roll app for Android and iOS.

The app makes it possible to turn the speaker into an alarm and wake up to your favourite song.

The UE Roll app for iOS and Android

The UE Roll app also has an adjustable equaliser, a battery level indicator and also the ability to add a second UE Roll to play from the same source to make your party even louder.

The UE Roll will be available in July and will be available in a number of different colours and designs. They will be priced at $149.95.


The UE Roll speaker is a fun, high quality speaker that can go with you anywhere and handle your mobile lifestyle without missing a beat.

UE Roll

Price: $149.95