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WD My Book AV-TV drive turns your smart TV into a recorder


wdtvav1Many smart TV owners don’t realise they can enable their television to record simply by plugging in storage which is why WD has released the new My Book AV-TV.

Australia’s leading external hard drive manufacturer, WD saw an opening in the market and created a drive that’s been optimised for recording programs on to its 1TB or 2TB drive.

The device will work with most smart TVs including models from Panasonic, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Sharp, Samsung, TCL and Hisense.

The WD My Book AV-TV plugs into one of the smart TV’s USB ports as well as into a power point. That’s all you need to do – the TV does the rest.

It uses the speedy USB 3.0 connection which is capable of streaming multiple high definition streams for simultaneous recording and playback when connected to a dual-tuner TV.

We connected the drive to a Samsung smart TV and immediately the external drive was recognised and formatted.

The WD My Book AV-TV plugs directly into your smart TV

The My Book AV-TV takes advantage of the smart TV’s interface and electronic program guide (EPG) so viewers can easily plan their viewing and schedule their recordings.

And it also makes use of the TV’s original remote control so you’re not going to inherit yet another remote control for the coffee table.

The drive inside the device has been specially designed to record and store data in a more streamlined fashion to allow for smoother playback.

The WD My Book AV-TV connects to the smart TV with a USB 3.0 cable

And it’s been built for 24/7 reliability and engineered to stay cool and use less power.

User can stand the drive upright on its side or positioned flat on its side so you can easily fit it into your entertainment system.

The WD My Book AV-TV will be available in July from JB Hi-Fi and Bing Lee in 1TB ($139) and 2TB ($179) capacities which are enough room for 120 hours and 240 hours of high definition recording.

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