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Samsung’s new 55-inch curved OLED TV available to buy today

samsungoled2Samsung sprang a big surprise today with the announcement its eagerly-awaited 55-inch curved OLED is available to buy from today.

Priced at $10,999, the all-new OLED – short for organic light emitting diode – has a slightly curved screen.

This allows for a more immersive experience with the edge of the TV the same distance from the viewer as the centre of the screen.

OLED produces its own backlight so it can offer even thinner form factors and amazing picture quality.

Australia is just the fourth country globally to receive Samsung OLED TVs and it is available from today from Samsung Experience stores.

The new Samsung 55-inch curved OLED TV

Samsung’s 55-inch OLED TV is also expected to be offered through its retail partners in the coming weeks.

Tech Guide had an eyes-on experience with the TV at an event at the Sydney Opera House today.

The screen clarity and contrast of the OLED is excellent with rich accurate colours that even the top-of-the-range LED TVs on the market will struggle to match.

Apart from amazing picture quality, the OLED technology also provides another standout feature – multi-view.

The new Samsung 55-inch OLED TV is priced at $10,999

Multi-view is like having two TVs in one with two people wearing special active 3D-like glasses being able to watch their own channel or source in full high definition and hear the sound through an attached earphone speaker system.

Samsung also announced it will be releasing its 55-inch Ultra High Definition TV ($4,999) and 65-inch Ultra High Definition TV ($6,999) which also come with the complete suite of Samsung smart TV feature including voice and gesture control and access to the latest apps and content.

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