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Review: Topfield TRF2460 PVR

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Personal Video Recorders have changed a lot in just a few years and Topfield’s TRF2460 is a good example of exactly how far they’ve come.

It’s not just a digital tuner and hard drive to store your recorded programs but also a networked device which can access online content.

And being connected to your network it’s also a convenient way to enjoy your digital content in the comfort of your lounge room.   

The TRF2460 has a massive 1TB hard drive so there’s plenty of room to store recordings even when recorded in high definition. It is Australia’s first PVR to have a built-in hard drive of this size.


And even if you do manage to fill up the internal hard drive it is possible to connect an external hard drive and expand the capacity via the eSATA port on the rear panel.

At the heart of the device are twin high definition tuners which are capable of recording up to four programs at the same time.

The Topfield TRF2460 has 1TB (1000GB) hard drive on board

Tuning the TRF2460 out of the box was quite easy and it found all of the digital channels including newer channels like GO, 7Mate and Gem.

The EPG (electronic program guide) makes it easier to set recordings at the press of a button. There’s also series recording so the Topfield TRF2460 can be set to capture every episode of your favourite show.

To connect to the device to our TV we chose HDMI with the other choices being composite, component plus coaxial and optical audio.

Of course there’s an antenna connection to receive the digital signals plus an Antenna Out socket in case users wanted to loop their analogue signal through their VCR or DVD recorder to the TV.

There are plenty of connection options on the Topfield TRF2460

There’s also an Ethernet port to connect the TRF2460 to your broadband but if you don’t have a cable close enough to the TV like we do, there’s also wi-fi to link to your home’s router using the included USB dongle that connects on the back panel.

This connection comes in handy a number of ways.

Users can connect directly to online services like YouTube and Flickr and enjoy the videos and pictures on your flatscreen TV.

It’s also possible to access content – movies, music and pictures – on network hard drives and computers on the home network.  Users can display photos on a slide show and use their own MP3 files as the background music.

Files contained on the Topfield TRF2640’s hard drive can also be streamed to other PCs in the household

But another handy feature is its ability to access the TRF2460 to view recordings whether you’re on a computer in your home or via the internet on the other side of the world.

The actual unit itself if not going to win any design awards but this is hardly a concern with it tucked away in your entertainment unit.

While the menu system is easy to navigate it looks like it belongs on a computer and lacks the style befitting the best screen in your home.

Another concern was the picture quality the Topfield TRF2460’s onboard HD tuners provided. It lacked the warmth and brightness of the pictures we got through the connected Samsung TV’s own internal HD tuner.

Accessing the recordings aboard the device or on an attached hard drive is easy thanks to the dedicated keys on the remote.

The play, pause, forward, rewind buttons are not as easy to accessBut what we found strange was the most often used buttons to navigate your recordings – play, pause, forward, rewind – are set close together at the bottom half of the controller instead of being emphasised and given a section all to themselves..

The Topfield TRF2460 is a high end player for a high end user and requires a certain dexterity when it comes to networking and file sharing.

It offers flexibility and convenience which is exactly what viewers want when it come to accessing, recording and storing their favourite TV programs and digital content.

Topfield TRF2460

Price: $799

Three and a half stars (out of five)