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Review: LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader

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With so much talk about smart TVs and connected TVs of late, there’s a lot of people kicking themselves for buying a TV even as recently as early 2011.

The panel they bought may be capable of basic internet connectivity but lacks many features of a true smart TV.

But LG’s ST600 Smart TV Upgrader can change all that and turn your existing TV into a smart TV with its own web browser and provide access to online content and apps.  

And even though it’s made by LG, the Smart TV Upgrader still works with any TV with a HDMI connection no matter the brand.

The device itself is actually quite small – 11cm wide and 11cm long and 2.9cm thick – so it’s not going to take over your entertainment unit or dominate your set up.

Once connected to power and to your TV with a HDMI cable, the next step is to link to your home’s network either with a cable or using the ST600’s built in wireless connection.

The LG Smart TV Upgrader can turn your existing TV into a smart TV

After network settings are entered correctly the ST600 presents users with a dashboard similar to the one found on LG Smart TVs.

There’s a link to premium content but those hoping to enjoy Bigpond movies or ABC’s iView will be disappointed as they were not found as options on the premium content window.

The best of the premium content at the moment is YouTube and Picasa.

On the app front there are plenty of LG apps to choose from but the most popular apps to access Facebook and Twitter are nowhere to be seen.

The LG ST600 Smart Upgrader remoteWhat users won’t find is the Live TV window which shows the program currently being viewed whilst browsing the dashboard.

Apart from the content which can be viewed from the internet and online services, users will also able be access content on their other devices using DLNA (digital living network alliance).

Because the ST600 Smart TV Upgrader has put your TV on the network it will now be able to connect with other DLNA device and access the content stored there.

Handy if you have a movie, music or pictures stored on a computer on the same network as the ST600.

The Smart TV Upgrader also has a USB port so content stored on small USB drives can be viewed or heard on the TV it is connected to.

Also included with the device is a small remote control that has a few directional keys and a colour codes buttons to easily navigate around the dashboard.

The remote directional keys were a little sticky which made steering around the onscreen keyboard a little frustrating.

The web browser is very basic and entering web addresses took so long with the remote we almost gave up.

If you’ve already got a flatscreen TV but want some basic smart TV features, then the LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader is an easy solution and a lot cheaper than shelling out for another television.

But if you want a more complete smart TV experience right down to all of the premium content, better web browser and a more complete choice of apps and social networking options, then it’s time ot buy another TV.

LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader

Price: $199

Three and half stars (out of five)

The LG Smart TV Upgrader is only 11cm square and 2.9cm deep