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Hisense U8NAU Mini LED Pro TV review – a next-level home entertainment experience


The Hisense U8 is a stunning television that combines a remarkable new Mini LED Pro backlight with Hisense’s other proprietary technologies to provide a quality home entertainment experience whether that’s a enjoying a movie, watching sport or playing a game.

Hisense is all about quality and value with their impressive TVs, but it has taken that to another level with the development of their remarkable Mini LED backlight technology which is now included across the entire range – not just its flagship models.

Tech Guide took a look at the U8NAU Mini LED Pro – available in 65, 75 and 85-inch – which not only includes Mini LED Pro but also Hisense’s ULED technology and Quantum Dot which adds up to stunning picture quality.

We looked at the 75-inch model for our review and immediately we noticed the signature brightness you get with Hisense TVs – up to 2800nits peak brightness – so even in the brightest room in your home you’ll still enjoy remarkable quality.

The other huge improvement is the Mini LED Pro backlight system which has more than 1000 dimming zones – twice as many as last year’s model – which is able to provide remarkable contrast more accurately.

The result is outstanding inky black levels right next to brighter colours without any colour bleed or blooming.

The other by-product of this is the sharpness and clarity that comes with watching 4K content.

What impressed us was the enhancement of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ which meant the TV presented the brightest brights and the darkest zones and everything else in between in a more dynamic fashion.

And what we were also able to see so much detail, especially in the darker areas of the screen, that would have gone unnoticed with an inferior television.

All this technology is working together to provide a stunning home viewing experience.

Watching Outer Range we were not only able to see accurate skin tones and add detail but also the remarkable contrast between the rugged ranch landscape and the bright blue sky.

In a nature documentary we were able to see every detail of a chameleon’s skin and the dramatic contrast between the different coloured fur on a tiger’s head.

When watching Top Gun Maverick we were still able to make out the details on Tom Cruise face and helmet despite the bright sunlight outside the cockpit.

And not only does the TV serve up a great picture it can also sense the brightness of your room and fine tune the picture to produce the optimum quality.

This also helps reduce reflections on the screen as well although in our viewing environment we could still make out some reflection, but it was not to the level to provide any distraction from what we were watching.

Another feature that does the heavy lifting is the Hi-View Engine Pro which uses AI to produce lifelike and vibrant visuals by analysing and boosting every pixel in real time.

Only audio side, the Hisense U8 can also hold its own with 2.1.2 multi-channel surround sound so you’re hearing respectable sound quality and separation coming directly from the TV.

It is one of the better sounding TVs we’ve experienced recently.

Hearing the roar of the fighter jets in Top Gun Maverick and the directional sound quality in the flying scenes was quite a feat considering it’s coming from the panel itself and not a soundbar or multi-speaker system.

The Hisense U8 is also IMAX Enhanced which must meet a signature picture and audio quality.

That immersive moviegoing experience is now yours to experience in your own home with the Hisense TVs.

And of course the Hisense U8 is an ideal way to watch sport and play games.

On the sporting side, there is 200 Smooth Motion on board which offers a more fluid picture even during fast movement and dynamic action.

If you’re a sports fan it’s like being there.

If you’re a gamer, then if you own a Hisense U8 TV it will be the best screen in your home to enjoy the latest games.

Serious gamers have high demands when it comes to enjoying the latest blockbuster games.
Thankfully Hisense ticks all the boxes when it comes to HDMI 2.1 connectivity, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM).

The VIDAA U7 smart TV operating system is a remarkable mission control for the Hisense TV.

It provides access to all your favourite streaming services and can also make viewing suggestions based on what you’ve been watching.

What really impressed us was just how fast the system was.

You’re able to zip along the line of apps and up and down the menu quickly to get to your content faster than ever before.

Hisense has also upgraded its remote control which has your usual shortcuts to the more popular streaming services including Stan, Prime Video, YouTube and Disney+.

There’s also a shortcut to the free VIDAA channels which offer a variety of content from entertainment, movies and sport.

The other big change with the remote is the fact that it is now solar-powered.

There is a small cell on the lower half of the controller which can be powered by the ambient light in the room and, when not in use, can be left in the normal resting position.

There’s also a USB-C charging port if you wanted to give it a faster power boost.

This means you can say goodbye to regular battery replacements and and take a more eco-friendly approach.

The Hisense U8 Mini LED Pro is available in 65-inch ($2699), 75-inch ($3699) and 85-inch ($4999).


The Hisense U8 is a stunning television that combines a remarkable new Mini LED Pro backlight with Hisense’s other proprietary technologies to provide a quality home entertainment experience whether that’s a enjoying a movie, watching sport or playing a game.