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Crest TV Safety Strap prevents flatscreen tip overs



Each year hundreds of Australian children under five years of age are injured when flatscreen TVs tip over onto them. A new product from Crest can now prevent this.

The new TV Safety Strap, priced at just $24.95, can be used to secure the TV to the cabinet or to the wall to prevent accidental tip overs from curious young children who may have climbed onto the cabinet.

With flatscreen TVs becoming even thinner and lighter, the displays are more prone to tip over.

In Queensland alone, there are on average 115 children per year who arrive in emergency rooms as a result of tip-over injuries.

Crest’s TV Safety Strap is made of strong canvas material and can easily prevent TVs which weigh up to 60kg from toppling forward into a child.

The Crest TV Safety Strap can prevent a child from pulling a flatscreen down on top of them

The TV Safety Strap is easy to install. The straps attach to the TV using the mounting holes on the rear panel and can either be attached to the wall behind it or anchored to the cabinet it is resting on.

Dr Ruth Barker from the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit says: “this injury can happen in an instant. The peak age for this injury is 1-2 years, and tip overs occur when the toddler either pulls the TV down or climbs shelves or draws to get to something up high.”

The Crest TV Strap is ideal for households with young children or that have pets who may jump and bump the furniture.

The Crest TV Safety Strap can attach the TV to the cabinet or to the wall behind it.

Crest is even donating a percentage of each TV Safety Strap sold to Kidsafe.

“We want to see a significant reduction in the number of injuries from TVs tipping,” says Crest marketing manager David Harridge.

“The TV Safety Strap was developed specifically for this application and has been designed to be quickly and easily installed; no handyman required.”

The Crest TV Safety Strap is available now from Target, Big W, The Good Guys, Bunnings and other leading electrical retailers.

It is priced at $24.95.

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