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Tech21 Evo Xplorer case makes your iPhone shockproof and waterproof


Tech21 has always been a company whose priority is to protect your smartphone from impacts but now it has released a new case that can make your iPhone shockproof and waterproof.

The Evo Xplorer for the iPhone 6/6S has been engineered to be tough and waterproof at the same time.

The case is completely waterproof to a depth of 3m for up to an hour.

The lightweight Evo Xplorer case is made up of two pieces which are both edged with a rubber O-ring.


When the iPhone is placed inside the top half it creates a tight fit around the device and, when the bottom half is fitted, it creates a watertight seal.

It is also mainly transparent so you can easily see the iPhone as well as interact with the touchscreen display and the Touch ID which can read your fingerprint through the protective front screen.


There’s also easy access to the volume buttons and the power/lock switch on the right edge.

The Lightning port is sealed with a secure clip locking system keeps the case tightly shut.


It also has a screw-in sealer for the headphones jack that can still be accessed while the cover is still on the phone.

You can also hear the speakers really well, just like you would without the case.


And switching the iPhone to silent and back on again is achieved with a small silver knob that toggles the phone’s switch on the left side with a twist.

On the shock absorption side, the Evo Xplorer utilises the FlexShock material which can absorb and dissipate impacts from a height of two metres.


This material is also up to 60 per cent lighter and 30 per cent thinner than other cases that offer similar levels of protection so it doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone.

Tech21 has done a great job combining their scientific know-how with British design to come up with a case that offers style, protection and performance.


The Tech21 Evo Xplorer is available now from JB Hi-Fi, Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, Officeworks, Network Communications, Tech 2 Go and online at It is priced at $139.95.