Modern technology gives us many things.

Qwerkywriter provides a retro typing experience for your devices

One distinguishing sound in the offices and newsrooms of old was the clickety clack of typewriter keys and now you can recreate that with the retro Qwerkywriter Bluetooth keyboard.

The device has been designed to look – and sound – like an old school typewriter that you might find in an antique store.

For those of a certain age it will no doubt give them a terrific sense of nostalgia.

The Qwerkywriter has raised mechanical keys for a great tactile typing experience and even has a carriage return that can be used instead of the return key to take you to the next line on your screen.


Even though it’s meant to look old, the Qwerkywriter still has the modern convenience of wireless connectivity to your smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.


There is an integrated tablet stand which allows your device to be positioned comfortably. It can fit devices that are up to 25cm wide and up to 1.3cm thick.


The Qwerkywriter is made of aluminium alloy which makes it a lot heavier than your typical Bluetooth keyboard.

Also onboard is an internal rechargeable battery can run for up to three months on a full charge.


The Qwerkywriter is a retro keyboard that mixes old-school charm and design with today’s technology to deliver a typing experience like no other.

Qwerkywriter is available now in US and UK keyboard layouts and is priced at $US349 and can be purchased from