Modern technology gives us many things.

Power Jump 7.5 battery can charge all your mobile devices and jump start your car

We’ve all seen those batteries that can recharge your mobile devices but what about a battery that can do all of that and also have enough to juice to jump start your car if you’ve got a flat battery.

That’s exactly what you get with the Power Jump 7.5 battery.

It weighs just 222g and, at 16mm thick, is about the size of a small portable hard drive.

If you’ve got a flat battery you can use the device to jump start a car, motorbike, speedboat, snow mobile – any petrol engine with up to 3.0L capacity with a battery.



Inside is a lithium polymer battery that is smart enough to avoid overcharging and discharging so your power is there when you need it.

On the top edge of the device is a connector to plug in the included 12V booster cable jumper lead as well as a USB port to connect the adaptor cable which Lightning, USB, microUSB and even the old 30-pin iPhone connector.


What you don’t have is a USB-C connector to charge the latest smartphones and tablets but you can connect your own USB-C cable to the Power Jump 7.5’s USB port and still get a charge.

Also onboard the Power Jump 7.5 is a strong LED light that can be used as a torch with strobe and SOS modes also available in an emergency.



The device has a 7500mAh battery onboard that takes up to two hours to fully charge either through the wall charger or car charger.

The Power Jump 7.5 is available now from in your choice of colours – orange, black, green and pink – for $79.95 which includes postage Australia wide.