Modern technology gives us many things.

PocJox lets you carry your smartphone in comfort during your workout

Smartphones have become a part of our workouts to track our progress and supply the music but the devices can be hard to carry around so PocJox has come up with an interesting solution.

PocJox is compression activewear for men and women that have a specially designed dual-pocket system to fit your smartphone.

This hands-free solution can also extend to keeping your keys, money and credit cards safely tucked away while you’re exercising.

We literally took the PocJox half-shorts for a road test and we were able to carry our iPhone 7 Plus in the deeper pocket and some change and a credit card in the other pocket to buy that post-workout coffee.

And we had wireless Bluetooth earphones so there was no need to tuck a cable in there although it would have been easy if we had to.


The PocJox pockets are positioned on either side of the shorts on your hip so the smartphone doesn’t move around too much and you can run and train in comfort.

PocJox garments are made of moisture wicking compression fabric and they have sweat-proof pockets to store your phone and other items.


They also have flat stitching, fused construction and eight-way stretch for extra comfort.

PocJox are available in several forms for men and women.

Women can purchase a PocJox crop-top ($59.95) or half-shorts ($54.95) – both with the built-in pocket system for your smartphone.


In the Men’s line, PocJox have half-shorts ($64.95), full shorts ($74.95) and rainbow half-shorts ($49.95).

PocJox were created by Australian fitness specialist Matt Chapman who was frustrated by his smartphone getting in the way of his workouts.