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Wallee M – the new magnetic smartphone mount


walleem7Australian company Studio Proper has unveiled the Wallee M – a new magnetic mounting system for smartphones which can be used at home and in the car.

Wallee M follows on from the original Wallee mounts for iPad which allowed users to position their tablet on the wall with a clip and a special case that locks it into place.

But with the Wallee M, instead of a mounts and cases that literally clip into place, the whole thing is done by magnets.

And it all starts with the smartphone case which looks like most other cases on the market but with one difference – it has a magnet built onto the Wallee cross pattern on the back.

Wallee M cases are available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone along with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Nexus.

The Wallee M range of cases and mounts

The cases are high quality with a soft rubberised feel and are quite slim so they don’t add too much bulk to your device.

On the mount side there are several choices.

The first is an in-car mount which is timely with the introduction of new laws for mobile phone use last week.

The Wallee M smartphone case with the Wallee cross pattern that attaches magnetically to the corresponding pattern on the mount

The mount attaches to the windscreen and the metallic arm features the matching Wallee cross pattern that magnetically attaches to the smartphone case to hold your device conveniently in place.

The smartphone can be positioned either upright in portrait mode or in landscape mode with the latter handy when using your device as a GPS.

The Wallee M car mount

There is also a desktop Pivot Mini mount to keep position your phone within reach or to watch movies or to listen to music.

Users can also stick small Wallee M disks on the wall or anywhere you feel to position your phone exactly where you need it.

The iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus cases are available in black or white and are all priced at $29.95.

The Wallee M Pivot Mini desktop stand

The Wallee M car mount is $34.95 while the desktop Pivot Mini is priced at $24.95.

Mount disks, which can be stuck anywhere you please, are $12.95 for a pack of two and are also available in black and white.

The Wallee M provides an excellent, high quality solution for users who want to protect their smartphone and keep it within easy reach whether they are working, playing or driving.

The Wallee M mount disks can be stuck anywhere to keep your smartphone in view and within reach

The entire Wallee M ecosystem is simple, effective and affordable and offers plenty of options for customers to suit their needs.

They are available now to order from

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