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Voice Bridge can connect your landline to your mobile devices

voicebridge3Most of us own a smartphone with many also juggling a landline at home or the office but now a new device can bring them both together.

The Voice Bridge from SwissVoice can connect landline your to allow multiple smartphones and tablets to answer incoming landline calls.

The Voice Bridge looks like a small black and white box that connects to your landline and your wi-fi router to assign the fixed line to your devices as well.

This way you can answer landline calls anywhere on your network with your mobile device and allows up to five smartphones or tablets to join in on the conversation for easy conference calling.

The Voice Bridge from SwissVoice connects your landline and wi-fi router

Voice Bridge works with the iPhone and iPad as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

The Voice Bridge’s app can also synchronise with your smartphone’s contact list so it will always let you know who is calling.

You can answer your landline calls on your mobile device with the Voice Bridge

It will also let you know when you’ve missed a landline call.

Voice Bridge can work instead of or in addition to your existing DECT telephones and there is no need to create any type of account and no wi-fi pairing is required.

Once the Voice Bridge is connected all you need to do is download the iOS or Android app for your smartphone or tablet.

The Voice Bridge app allows users to see who is calling on their landline and to take the call on a smartphone or tablet

The Voice Bridge from SwissVoice will be available from March and can be ordered from for $US79.

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