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Take your selfies easier than ever with the Bluetooth Selfie Stick


bluetoothselfiestick6Taking selfies is a popular activity among smartphone users and capturing them can be difficult but a new Bluetooth Selfie Stick can make it easier than ever.

Available from, the Bluetooth Selfie Stick combines a long extendable aluminium alloy pole and mount with Bluetooth connectivity that can be controlled on the handle.

The adjustable clip can fit most smartphones including “phablet” size devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The monopod also fits a regular camera or a Go Pro with the quarter inch screw like the one you’d find on a tripod.

Onboard the product is a Bluetooth module that can be paired with your smartphone.

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick can fit your smartphone in the clip on the end of the pole

Once they are linked, users have the ability to activate the shutter with the button on the handle.

There is no need to carry around a separate Bluetooth dongle to take your picture.

So what that means is you can insert your smartphone into the clip, extend the pole, line up your selfie and click the button on the Selfie Stick’s handle to capture the image.

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick can activate your smartphone's camera shutter with the button on the handle

The telescopic pole extends to almost a metre in length so you can easily fit in yourself and a group of friends or a landmark on your travels.

Even shooting regular photos, the Bluetooth Selfie Stick makes it easy to capture pictures from different angles including above people’s heads in a crowd.

It can also be used to photograph hard to reach places.

Now you can line up your selfies and capture them easily with the Bluetooth Selfie Stick

But it gets even better for Android users. Users can also zoom in and out on their cameras using the + and – keys on the device’s handle to really nail that shot.

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick is powered by rechargeable battery inside the handle via a micro USB port.

And when you’re done taking your pictures the pole shrinks down to about 22cm long – a size that can easily be carried around in your bag.

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick is priced at $49.95 and available now from – 02 8338 8558.

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