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Review: HTC Incredible S

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HTC has done it again. It has come up with yet another Android smartphone that still generates the same level of interest as the many which came before it.

This time around HTC’s latest model – the Incredible S – offers a few points of difference and impressive features to stand out from the rest.

The device has a dazzling 4-inch touchscreen and 1Ghz processor that ensures a rewarding user experience.  

HTC has produced hit after hit. We’ve already seen the Desire, Legend, Aria, Desire HD, Desire Z and now we have the Incredible S.


Available exclusively through Optus, the device is 120mm long, 64mm wide and 11.7mm thick. It weighs 135.5g.

The Incredible S has an incredible 4-inch screenIt has a rubberised case which sits in the hand nicely. The back panel has a sculpted surface which incorporates the 8 megapixel camera’s lens and dual LED flash.

On the front there’s a camera, a speaker and the 4-inch screen which impresses from the moment it is turned on.

The Super LCD has 480 x 800 resolution and icons, webpages, pictures and videos look crisp and sharp.

There is 1.1GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot for easy expansion up to an extra 32GB.

We would have liked more internal storage to store the HD content the device can so easily produce. That way there would be no need to pay extra for a microSD card.


The Incredible S lives up to its name with not only the screen but also the device’s speed.

The 1Ghz processor keeps things moving along nicely whether its scrolling through screens of apps or opening, closing or switching between those apps or the various home screens which can be set up to suit the user.

Included as a layer above the Android operating system is the excellent HTC Sense which offers a number of handy features to personalise the phone even further for the user.

It can set the date and time depending on your location and also organise your communication based on your contacts and not individual applications.

This means a person’s calls, messages and updates can be viewed in one place. If you’re wondering what your good friend is up to you can see the last time they called, their latest tweet or status update and all of their messages.

Another HTC Sense feature we liked was the ability to silence your phone just by flipping it over. No more awkward fumbles in meetings or gatherings when your phone rings at the wrong time.

Surfing the web is also easy on the device’s large screen thanks to one of the better browsers we’ve seen on a handset and it even has Flash compatibility – something the iPhone can’t say.

The Incredible S has a rubberised case and sculpted rear panelThe camera also delivers with pictures on good light of acceptable quality. Videos also looked smart at the high definition 720p resolution. What a shame there wasn’t an easier way to share these with a HDMI out connection.

The Incredible S is DLNA (digital lifestyle network alliance) compatible which allows the pictures and videos to be streamed to your TV. But the TV needs to be on the network as well.

If it had HDMI out – a HDMI cable would have been able to connect the device with ease and also maintain the HD quality of the content.

Battery life was enough to last us almost a day and a half before we needed to connect the AC adaptor to recharge.


The Incredible S has a couple of minor shortcomings but these are easily forgivable when you consider the strength of all the other features.

The device is well designed and backs that up with performance that will please even the most demanding user.

HTC Incredible S

Price: $649 or on an Optus plan

Four stars (out of five)