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Review: CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Gaming Headphones

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When we’re playing a game on the PlayStation 3 it’s not always an experience the rest of the house wants to share.

That’s when a product like the CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Gaming Headset comes in handy.

The headphones, officially licenced for the PlayStation 3, can allows players to hear both the in-game sounds and chat.

Featuring 40mm speaker drivers the CP-Pro delivers impressive audio quality so players will miss none of the rich soundstrack, sound effects and chat within their favourite game.

One of the best features of the CP-Pro PS3 headphones is its ability to adjust the volume on both the gaming sounds and the online chat.

This is achieved with channel frequency separation that can be controlled on the volume control unit on the cord.

The CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Headphones are comfortable to wear even for extended gaming sessions thanks to the breathable soft fibre ear cushions.

The ear cups are positioned on a swivel so there’s no problem with finding the right fit. The padded headband also adds to the high comfort level.

Extending out of the left ear cup is an adjustable microphone which can be easily bent in to position in front of your mouth so you can communicate with online players.

The control on the cord also has a mute switch so you can immediately silence the chatter during a game if necessary.

The device also has a 4m cord so it should easily reach the PS3 while still sitting a comfortable distance in front of the TV.

The CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Gaming HeadphonesThe CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Headphones connect easily to the PS3 via the USB port on the front of the console.

It would have been nice if the CP-Pro was wireless but this would have come at the cost of some features including the dual volume control. The cord is not too much of an obstacle anyway.

Also included is a drawstring pouch which makes it easy to carry and also protects the product when not in use.

With the CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Gaming Headset players can still enjoy their games without disturbing the rest of the household whether it’s during the day or late at night.

The CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Gaming Headphones are available at Big W and are priced at $99.95.

CP-Pro PS3 Stereo Gaming Headphones

Price: $99.95

Four stars (out of five)