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PowerSkin – the cover that can charge your mobile

powerskiniphonecharging case

Wherever we go – our smartphones go with us. They are used for so much more now than just talk and text.

And, because it is a connected device which is never got out of our hands, one of the biggest complaints is the battery running out before the end of the day.

Those problems are now a thing of the past with PowerSkin – a flexible cover with a built-in battery to re-charge on the go without the need to find a power point or carry a power adaptor.  

The PowerSkin silicone case is flexible and this makes it easy to get the device in and out of the product.

PowerSkin is actually a division of Energizer which has been created to be able to bring the products to market even quicker to keep up with the sheer number of handsets released each month.

Today there are PowerSkins for the iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD, Google’s Nexus S and BlackBerry Bold 9700 and 9780 BlackBerry Curve 8520 and 8530.

The PowerSkin for the HTC Sensation - coming soon

There are plans to add Samsung’s Galaxy S II and HTC’s Sensation and Incredible to the PowerSkin range in the near future.

PowerSkin is a one-piece anti-shock case which can provide protection from drops and bumps along with storing enough power to recharge the device it is holding to full charge twice.

There’s a handy battery indicator light on the back to show how mich charge is left while an on/off switch allows the user to regulate exactly when the PowerSkin is charging their smartphone.

The PowerSkin for the iPhone 4

The PowerSkin itself is charged via the included USB cable and can be powered up on its own or with the smartphone still nestled inside it.

The PowerSkin packagingObviously the device does add a little bulk to the smartphone but not so much that it can’t still fit easily inside your pocket or bag.

Of course there are still spaces to allow the user to still access side buttons and an opening for the camera and flash on the back.

The PowerSkin is a product that will suit the heavy smartphone user and road warrior who needs power on the go.

Obviously a product like the PowerSkin is handy for workers and professionals but also has its advantages in many other situations like blackouts or natural disasters.

If you’re married to your smartphone – the PowerSkin will make an excellent best man or maid of honour.


Price: $89.95

Four and half stars (out of five)