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Plox Titan portable charger can keep your smartphone and tablet powered up


ploxtitan3Running out of power on our mobile devices on the go is one of life’s greatest fears for many people but the new Plox Titan can give you piece of mind.

The universal charger can go anywhere with you and keep your smartphone, tablet and any other USB-powered device powered up.

The Plox Titan is small enough to take anywhere – it 11.4cm wide, 7.4cm wide and 2.25cm thick and weighs 250g.

It also has a shockproof rubber outer so it can handle all the daily bumps and scrapes.

There are two USB ports on the front edge of the device – one with 1A output and the other at 2.4A.

Users can charge two devices at once with their USB charging cables with the 2.4A port with enough power to charge tablets even faster.

Charge your smartphones and tablets on the move with the Plox Titan

There’s also a microUSB port to charge the Plox battery itself. The product ships with its own microUSB cable.

Onboard is 11,200mAh capacity which is enough power to recharge an iPhone 5 eight times.

The device is useful to carry around in your bag and is ideal for those busy users who don’t have time to plug their device into a power point and wait for it to be fully recharged.

With the Plox Titan users can charge their device or devices on the move and never be disconnected to their smartphone, their tablet or the outside world.

The Plox Titan is small enough to take anywhere

If you’re travelling on an international flight you can be assured you’ll have enough power for the entire journey to keep your devices running for work or play.

The Plox Titan 11,200mAh universal charger is available in black or blue and is priced at $99 and comes with free shipping when ordered from

Inside the package is a discount code that provides a 15 per cent discount off your next Plox Charger purchase if a friend or family member wants their very own.

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