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Plox powerbanks keep your devices charged on the go

plox2Our appetite for smartphones is growing but one thing that’s not growing as fast is the onboard battery capacity to keep up with our increasing use of the devices.  

It was for that reason that Plox decided to release its latest portable powerbanks to offer that quick battery charge when we need it.

There are two new Plox products – the Energy Stick and the Powerbox – which are both available in a range of bright fashion colours.

They can both charge smartphones, regular mobiles, portable gaming consoles and portable media players.


The cylindrical charger is aimed at the modern user and measures only 10cm long so it’s easy to carry anywhere with you.

At one end of the Energy Stick are three plugs. With a lipstick-style twist of the device the 30-pin connector for older iPhones and iPods rises out of the powerbank to allow a direct connection to start charging.

The Plox Energy Stick powerbank can recharge your smartphone anywhere

A twist in the other direction and you’ll see a USB connector emerge which is used to recharge the battery on board the Plox Energy stick.

And there’s another USB port that can be used to connect your smartphones charging cable from the Plox to your device to get a charge on the go.

With 3000mAh capacity – that’s enough power to recharge an iPhone twice.

The Plox Energy Stick is available in a number of colours

The Plox Energy Stick is usually priced at $50 but has been discounted to $40.

And readers who enter the code TechGuide at when they checkout will receive a 20 per cent discount – to bring the total down to $32 – and to also receive free shipping.


The Plox Powerbox carries 6000mAh – enough power to recharge an iPhone four times.

It has 2.1 amp output which means it can not only charge smartphones faster, it can also power the iPad and other Android tablet devices.

The Plox Powerbox has a built in microUSB cable for easier charging

Included with the Plox Powerbox is a fold-out microUSB cable so there’s no need to remember to bring your device’s cable as well.

For all of the other devices, including Apple’s iPhone and iPad, there’s a USB port on the side of the powerbank to connect your device’s cable.

The Plox Powerbox is priced at $75 and is also available in a range of colours.

Tech Guide readers can also take advantage of the special discount offer with the Plox Powerbox.

Simply enter the code TechGuide at the checkout page and you’ll receive free shipping and a 20 per cent discount.

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