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Logitech expands Case+ range for iPhone with new accessories

logitech14caseLogitech has released new additions to its popular Case+ system for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S cases to add even more functionality to the popular smartphone.

The sturdy cases can be purchased with add-ons which have included a windscreen mount, a clip-on battery and a viewing stand.

Logitech’s latest models which will be in store this month are the Case+Wallet and the Case+Trip.

The Case+ is a sturdy case that is made partly of metal for added strength and to connect magnetically with the matching accessories.

Logitech will release two new Case+ colours – Red Plum and Blue Glacier.

Simply fit the cover on the iPhone and then attach your chosen accessories to the Case+.

The Logitech +Wallet which attaches to the Case+ for iPhonr

+Wallet can turn the Case+ into a slimline wallet to allow users to store cards and cash with their phone instead of having to carry around a separate wallet.

The +Wallet even has Magnashield technology on board to prevent credit cards and hotel room keys being demagnetised.

+Trip can help you view and use your iPhone for music, calls and navigation safely while you’re driving.

Logitech's +Trip fits on your car's air vents and magnetically holds your phone in place

It simply clips into the air vent in your car with the magnet securely attaching the Case+ that’s holding your iPhone.

+Trip comes with a universal adaptor so it can be used with smartphones of all shapes and sizes.

The new Case+ colours, + Wallet and +Trip will be available later this month and will be all priced at $29.95.

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