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LifeProof case makes your iPhone waterproof


We’ve seen lots of iPhone cases that protect from drops and damage but a new case from LifeProof does all that but also makes the device waterproof as well.

LifeProof’s Store case for the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S adds just 1.5mm of thickness to the device but still provides a full IP-68 rating against water and dust.

With the LifeProof Store case users can take their iPhones underwater to a depth of 2m and still have access to features like the camera to take underwater pictures and video.

LifeProof also sells an accessory that allows a waterproof pair of earphones to be connected to the iPhone while it is in the Store case.

The case is also shockproof from a height of 2m and will also protect the iPhone in the snow.

LifeProof Store can also add dirt and dustproof to its credentials to allow users to take their iPhone with them on their adventures and outdoor activities.

The case uses rubber gaskets around each seal to ensure a watertight fit.

The LifeProof Store case for iPhone has rubber gaskets to ensure a watertight seal

The LifeProof Store case for iPhone is available in black, white, pink and purple and is priced at $US79.99 from its online store.

The LifeProof Store case for iPhone is available in black, white, pink and purple.

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