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InDepth case makes your iPhone waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

indepth5No one knows the demands of the Australian outdoors than an Australian company like InDepth who has just produced a new range of waterproof iPhone cases.

The well-designed cases, made from tough polycarbonate can make the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 4/4S not only waterproof but dustproof and shockproof as well.

If you’re an outdoors person, an adventurer, someone who likes water activities or a tradesman, the InDepth case can protect your device without having to compromise what you’re doing.

When inserted into the InDepth case, the device is sealed inside and behind a clear window that still allows users to comfortably use the touchscreen.

Of course users can still access the camera and flash as well as the volume keys on the side.

And if you want to connect your headphones to the iPhone when it’s inside the case a small plug above the headphone jack can be unscrewed to give you easy access.

The InDepth cases are available in four colours – black, orange, pink and grey.

The InDepth iPhone case

But the InDepth cases also have a range of accessories available to make it even more useful everyday.

The back of the case has a clip that can securely attach these accessories.

There’s a bottle opener/belt clip so you can open your beer and wear the iPhone on your belt.

The InDepth Case is waterproof .....

Also available is a floating lanyard for those who are taking their InDepth case into the water. The floating lanyard attaches to the case and can keep it from sinking if you lose grip of the device in the water.

It is also a bright orange colour so it will be clearly visible in the water.

If you’re a cyclist there’s also a bike and bar mount so you can take the device on the road.

.... and dustproof and shockproof

Also available is an adhesive mount so the case can be positioned on the wall, in the car or on your boat.

There’s even a water resistant InDepth Sound speaker that’s ideal for use at the beach, by the pool or out on the water.

The InDepth cases are priced at $99.95 for iPhone 5/5S and $89.95 for iPhone 4/4S.

The InDepth waterproof cases can be purchased from the company’s website

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