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Enki three-in-one lenses can improve your iPhone’s camera


enkiwideye9The iPhone is one of the most used devices for taking great photos but it has its limitations as a camera. Two new products from Enki can change all that.

Enki has introduced two three-in-one photo lens systems that can slip easily onto the iPhone to add convenient high quality photographic features.

The two Enki lens systems are Teleye and Wideye with both designed to work with the iPhone 5.

Teleye is a three-in-one lens system that slips over the top of the iPhone and rests precisely above the device’s camera.

The Enki Wideye three-in-one lens

Teleye’s main lens offers 5x super telephoto optical zoom to get you even closer to your subject or the action.

When you zoom to take a photo normally with the iPhone all you are doing is magnifying the original image.

The Enki Teleye three-in-one lens

The Enki Teleye offers a greater magnification without the need for any zoom but that’s not to say you can’t zoom in even further with the lens in place to get even closer.

To use the other lenses – a 10x macro and 180 degree fish eye – simply take off the Enki three-in-one, spin it around so the other lenses line-up with the iPhone’s lens.

Regular photo taken with the iPhone 5

The same photo taken from the same spot with the Enki Wideye three-in-one lens

The same photo taken from the same spot with the Enki Teleye three-in-one lens

The Enki Wideye’s main lens offers a 2x super wide angle to capture even more of the scene and capture even more of what you’re shooting without the need to be a long way back.

And all the while maintaining the picture quality the iPhone 5 is known for.

The other lenses on this product are the same macro and fish eye that are found on the Teleye.

Trying to fit in the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in the same photo with the iPhone

With the Enki Wideye super wideangle three-in-one lens it's easy to fit in these two landmarks

Each of the Enki products puts three extra lenses in your pocket.

They each come with a protective drawstring pouch to make it easy to carry the lenses with you to enhance your iPhone photography on the go.

The Enki Wideye three-in-one photo lens and the Enki Teleye three-in-one photo lens are both priced at $74.95.

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