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Answer your iPhone with the Moshi SenseCover without opening the cover

sensecover3Moshi has released the SenseCover case for the iPhone 5S that completely encloses the device but still allows users answer calls without opening the cover.

The small window on the hybrid leatherette cover allows users to see the time in standby mode and to also see who’s ringing you when you get a call.

To answer a call with similar covers you have to open the cover, swipe the screen to answer and then fold back the cover when you bring up the device to your ear to talk.

But with the Moshi SenseCover you can check who’s calling through the cover’s window and then simply swipe across the embedded touch sensitive SensArray pads and take your call with the cover still closed.

This way there’s no discomfort with a folded back cover and you’re not putting a big face print on the iPhone while you’re talking.

Apart from the leatherette cover, the Moshi SenseCover also has a light but strong polycarbonate hardshell that securely snaps the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S into place.

The Moshi SenseCover lets you answer your calls without having to open the cover

Having the small cover window and the SensArray pads means you can easily check the time and date, answer/reject calls and swipe off alarms all without opening the cover.

A magnetic clasp holds the cover closed and can also be used to hold the cover open when it is folded back around the case.

The Moshi SenseCover has a small window on the leathette cover as well as a hardshell polycarbonate case

The back cover has an opening for the camera and flash as well as a hole so you can still see the Apple logo on the iPhone.

The cover also has volume controls on the side so you can still increase and decrease the volume if you’re listening to music while it’s inside the Moshi SenseCover.

The Moshi SenseCover has a magnetic clasp to hold the cover closed or open when folded around the back

The Moshi SenseCover is available in two colours – brushed titanium and steel black – and is priced at $59.95.

It is available from StreetwiseGadgets BoutiqueMac Centre Norwood , Mac1MacFixitMy ByteBeezerMullum MacConcept Systems.

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