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Kindle Voyage e-reader review – an enhanced reading experience

Amazon has just released its latest e-reader – the Kindle Voyage – the thinnest and clearest device it has ever produced that will give users an even higher quality reading experience.

Kindle Voyage has a high-resolution 6-inch touchscreen display with 300ppi (pixels per inch) along with higher contrast to match the look and feel of printed paper.

Text appears sharper and easy to read and is easier on the eyes. It is a significant improvement over the previous Kindle Paperwhite model.

You can read books anywhere with the Kindle Voyage from bright sunlight without any glare or in a dark room with the adaptive front light that can automatically adjust the brightness depending your surroundings.


Readers can also manually adjust the brightness to suit their personal preferences.

The reinforced glass covering the device’s screen is flush with the front-bezel for an even cleaner design.


And the rear panel is made of magnesium so it’s durable enough to handle daily use anywhere you go.

The device is just 7.6mm thick and weighs in at just 180g so it’s easy to hold with one hand four hours.

Kindle Voyage has a brighter and sharper screen than Kindle Paperwhite (right)


There’s also a new page-turning feature on the Kindle Voyage called PagePress.

Now instead of touching the screen to turn the page (you can still do that if you want to) there are sensors on each side of the display.

Each is pressure sensitive and provides haptic feedback – a light buzz under your thumb – to let you know the device has registered the page turn.

The new Origami cover for the Kindle Voyage
The new Origami cover for the Kindle Voyage

The top smaller sensor takes you back a page while the lower and longer sensor takes you to the next page.

They are replicated on either side so you can reach them no matter which hand you’re holding the Kindle Voyage.

And page turns are a lot faster than the previous model so there’s no delay getting on with your reading.

The Origami cover can be folded into a stand
The Origami cover can be folded into a stand

Onboard is 4GB of memory which is enough room to store thousands of books so you can carry your library with you.

Kindle Voyage has wi-fi onboard so it can connect to the Kindle Store to buy and download a new book in seconds and access your books stored in the cloud.

And the beauty of the Kindle Voyage is that if offers the same advantages of reading a real printed book like taking and sharing notes and flipping through the pages ahead without losing your place.

This last feature comes in handy when you’re looking at maps, the index or other appendices at the front or back of the book.

On the battery side, the device can run for weeks on a single charge. And when you do need to charge the device, it can be fully charged in three hours.


Also available with the Kindle Voyage is a new Origami cover that attaches itself to the e-reader magnetically and allows the cover to be folded into a stand when it’s not covering the screen.

The Kindle Voyage is available now from Dick Smith Stores and is priced at $299. The Kindle Voyage Origami cover costs $74.95.


The Kindle Voyage has raised the bar and offers an enhanced reading experience that’s now as good, if not better, than reading crisp print on a page.