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Uniden’s iGO Cam 750 in-car recorder includes new safety features

igo750cam2Uniden has released a new crash cam in-car recorder – the iGO Cam 750 – that can help protect drivers in the event of a dispute over an on-road incident.

This device has a full high definition camera with ultra-wide 170 degree angle recording to make it easier for drivers to capture and report any on-road events to police and insurance companies.

Now the iGO Cam 750 has new features on board including speed camera warnings to alert drivers as they approach fixed speed and red light cameras.

Once alerted, a driver’s first reaction is to slow down so it will encourage safer driving that will keep the points on your licence and the money in your wallet.

Also includes on this new model is Lane Assist which gives drivers visual and audible alerts if they are drifting out of their lane.

This feature will work to remind fatigued drivers on long trips they need to take a break to avoid any mishaps.

The iGO Cam 750 has a 2.7-inch LCD colour screen and is like a black box flight recorder for your car. It also has night vision recording capabilities so incidents can be recorded at any time.

The Uniden iGO Cam 750

It is installed high in the middle of your car’s windscreen and has built-in G-Sensor and Collision Detection Mode that instantly picks up on a change in motion to save the recording.

The product is actually recording constantly in a loop and, after an incident is detected, the current video is labelled with GPS location information and a time and date stamp.

The footage from the device can then be used by drivers to analyse what happened and to see the direction of impact.

But the iGO Cam 750 isn’t just for recording on-road incidents – it can also be used by recreational drivers to capture scenic routes and off-road adventures.

Footage captured on the device can be viewed on your television via the onboard HDMI or AV out ports.

The iGO Cam 750 can be installed on your car in seconds and is also small and handy enough to swap to other vehicles if needed.

The iGO Cam 750 is available from next week and is priced at $199.95.

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