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Uniden releases in-car accident camera and vehicle recorders

unidengocam2Uniden has introduced new in-car cameras – the equivalent of a black box recorder for a plane – to protect drivers from accident disputes and fraudulent claims.

The Uniden iGO Cam 300 and iGO Cam 800 can be mounted on the inside of the car’s windscreen and record high definition video when they detect a sudden change of movement.

The devices can also detect and record incidents while the vehicle is parked in case your car is struck in a shopping centre car park.

The iGO Cam 300 and iGO Cam 800 can also be set to continuously record while you’re driving which is useful for recreational drivers and parents who want to monitor younger drivers.

Uniden’s new devices can also be used by commercial and professional drivers along with couriers, cab drivers, sales reps and anyone else who spends a lot of time behind the wheel.

The resulting footage from the iGO Cam devices can be used as evidence to support or refute a claim or fine or find out exactly who’s at fault in an accident.

The Uniden iGO Cam 800 has two cameras and a 2-inch LCD colour screen

The iGO Cam 300 ($79.95) has a 1.5-inch LCD screen and a single high definition camera which also features night vision to capture footage in poor light.

Uniden’s iGO Cam 800 ($149.95) has dual HD cameras to record the front and back of the vehicle along with a 2-inch display. The device also has anti-shake technology on board to ensure clear recording.

“If you have an accident you might have to pay a hefty excess on your insurance premiums and you may lose your no-claim bonus – this can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars,” said Brad Hales, Senior National Marketing Executive, Uniden Australia.

The Uniden iGO Cam 300 in-car accident camera

“In the shock of an accident is it often difficult to remember every detail in order to complete an insurance claim or police report.

“Capturing live road events, Uniden’s iGO Cams have can protect drivers from becoming a victim of fraudulent claims or assist in crash disputes – or for instances when your car is damaged in a parking lot.

“In-car cameras have also been known to help dispute unfair traffic infringements.”

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