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Topfield iPad in-car mount takes your entertainment on the road


topfieldipad4If you’ve got a road trip with young passengers planned for these Easter holidays then the Topfield car headrest iPad mount would be a useful addition.

Topfield, a company that produces high quality PVRs (personal video recorders), has pivoted to also meet the shift in consumer trends and produced a device that’s useful in and out of the car.

The TF-12-3-A is a sturdy protective case for the iPad 2 or 3rd generation iPad which can be mounted to a car’s headrest.

Outside the car the Topfield mount can also double as a stand.

Also included with the device is a pair of wireless headphones which connect to the mount using IR (infrared) like a remote control.

The Topfield TF-12-3-A iPad case headrest mount

Additional headphones wireless headphones can be purchased and added to system to keep all of your backseat passengers entertained.

The headphones can come in handy to keep the passengers focussed on what they’re watching and also keeps the driver getting distracted. The driver could also listen to his or her own music or radio station.

The Topfield unit comes with a pair of wireless headphones

The Topfield case has a 30-pin dock connector so it’s not compatible with the very latest fourth generation iPad with the smaller Lightning dock connector but works just fine with the iPad 2 and the third generation iPad.

The iPad fits securely into the case which, in turn, is fastened into place into the headrest mount.

Once it’s locked in place, the iPad is there until you’re ready to take it out so there’s no risk of it becoming a missile when driving along bumpy roads or in the event of an accident.

The Topfield TF-12-3-A in-car solution can keep your passengers entertained on the road

And there’s no worry about the iPad running out of charge as the Topfield case/mount comes with a power plug that can fit into the car’s power source.

The Topfield TF 12-3-A is available now and priced at $189.

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