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Strike release easy-to-install car reversing cameras



Reversing accidents can have tragic consequences so if your car doesn’t have a reversing camera Strike has released an affordable solution to give drivers peace of mind.

A reversing camera is now becoming standard on many new vehicles but Strike’s Bullet and Butterfly reversing cameras can be easily installed on any car no matter the make or age.

The Strike Bullet is designed to be installed flush against the bumper while the Strike Butterfly can be mounted without screws or any modifications to the rear of the car.

To view the images from the cameras, Strike has also introduced the Clear 7-inch LCD Monitor which can be mounted inside the vehicle.

The Strike cameras are waterproof and have anti-vibration technology and provide a wide-angle lens to get a complete view of the area behind your car.

The Strike ButterFly reversing camera

Having a reversing camera can help drivers stay safe but can also assist with parking and reversing into tight spots.

The Strike reversing cameras come with all the cables and mounting equipment required for installation.

The Strike Bullet reversing camera

The Strike Bullet and Butterfly cameras are priced at $89 each while the Strike Clear 7-inch LCD Monitor is priced at $179.

The Strike Clear 7-inch LCD Monitor

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