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Parrot Minikit Neo is a voice-controlled Bluetooth in-car speaker

neo5The Parrot Minikit Neo voice-controlled Bluetooth speaker truly lives up to its hands-free description because you can make and receive calls without touching any buttons.

The compact sleek device clips on to your car’s sun visor and pairs with your mobile phone wirelessly via Bluetooth.

After pairing for the first time, the device will automatically connect to your phone when you get in the car.

The Parrot Minikit Neo automatically activates and connects thanks to a vibration sensor onboard that can detect when you get in the car to start your journey.

The compact Parrot Minikit Neo

It’s also possible to connect two phones to the Parrot Minikit Neo at the same time.

Once paired your device’s phonebook is also uploaded to the Parrot Minikit Neo.

To initiate a call you simply say “Minikit” and then the name of the contact.

The Parrot Minikit Neo can clip on to you car's sunvisor

When you receive a call while you’re driving you can simply say “answer” or “reject” and keep both hands securely on the wheel.

Sound quality is excellent thanks to the device’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology that filters ambient noise and cancels any echoing.

A free companion app can be downloaded for iPhones and Android devices.

The Parrot Minikit Neo is voice-controlled and offers hands-free operation while you're driving

This provides a number of handy features including the ability to customise the sounds that play when the device is turned on and off.

The app can also send auto reply SMS messages for rejected calls and incoming SMS messages while you’re driving.

Also included with the app is a Find My Car feature that can note your car’s GPS position and direct you right back to it later.

The Parrot Minikit Neo also has a companion app for iPhone and Android devices

There’s also a parking timer which can help you avoid parking fines by reminding you when your parking meter runs out.

The Parrot Minikit Neo is available now and is priced at $129.

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