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New TomTom GO range released with interactive maps

tomtomgo3TomTom has completely reinvented its latest PNDs (Portable Navigation Devices) with an all-new interface and features that are easier to use while driving.

The TomTom Go models are available in 5-inch (GO500) and 6-inch (GO600) models priced at $249 and $299 respectively.

At the heart of the new products is a new interactive map, traffic information and 3D maps so users can know exactly what’s going on around them as well as what lies ahead.

Navigation used to be just getting a driver from A to B but today TomTom sees the ability to access information relevant to their location will help drivers make the best decisions about their journey.

The new devices will also be useful for everyday driving to stay in touch with the traffic situation and nearby points of interest.


Being able to interact with a map on a GPS screen easily and safely is important and the new TomTom devices have delivered an interface that makes this a reality.

The TomTom GO has an interactive map which shows live traffic and a route bar t0 summarise your journey

The product’s capacitive touchscreen has excellent responsiveness and allows for easy zooming and scaling in the same way you’d interact with a smartphone.

If you want to look up an address or conduct a search the options float above the map.

As users type on the screen the options appear after the first three characters are entered.

This makes finding addresses even easier because the destination you had in mind is usually one of the search results and saves you having to type out the whole thing.

The same goes for points of interest, sporting venues, shopping centres and much more.

With the TomTom GO users can access information using quick search

It’s also possible to navigate the map and simply touch a spot and navigate towards it.


Also included with the new TomTom PND is lifetime traffic which delivers real time traffic information.

It can identify delays on or near your route clearly and also provide accurate information on how much time these delays will add to your journey.

Users can connect their smartphones to the device and utilise their data connections via Bluetooth to receive TomTom Traffic and other services like TomTom Speed Cameras.

TomTom GO is available in 5 and 6-inch models and can be mounted either on the dashboard or windscreen


Knowing exactly where you are is the whole point of having a GPS and 3D maps and landmarks can make it easier for drivers to identify their surroundings.

Other features of the new TomTom devices include a Route Bar which can display travel information at a glance and show traffic info and speed camera locations ahead of the driver.

There’s also My Places which allows drivers to personalise the map and make it easier to navigate to favourite locations again.

Drivers will also be able to stay updated with the latest maps which are free for the life of the product.

The TomTom GO500 (5-inch screen, $249) and GO600 (6-inch screen, $299) are available now.

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