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Navman’s 7-inch EZY270LMT GPS device – is it too big for your car

navman7inchreview2The “that’s not a knife” scene in Crocodile Dundee kept playing in our head when we attached the huge 7-inch Navman EZY270LMT GPS device to our windscreen.

If I was to see any other regular GPS device I’d be able to use that same line – “that’s not a GPS – THIS is a GPS”.

The Navman EZY270LMT is closer to tablet size than smartphone size and literally provides a bigger navigation picture.

It’s the biggest device Navman has produced – but it’s not for everyone.

Under the hood are all of Navman’s usual features including an easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate interface and all of the GPS mod cons – live traffic updates, landmark guidance, 3D junction views, land guidance, points of interest and shortcuts for petrol and parking.

Customers will also have lifetime free updates as well so they will always have the latest map on board as well.

The 7-inch Navman EZY270LMT

But that’s what we expect from the Navman. The thing that needs to be considered is if the size of the device suits your car and you as a driver.

It’s quite large next to a regular sized GPS device.

The Navman as a GPS product is an excellent investment but if you’re thinking about the 7-inch EZY270LMT you need to carefully weigh it up.

If you drive a small car, this is going to be too big for you.

We reviewed the 7-inch Navman in a medium sized car and it bordered on being too big. What saved it was the fact the windscreen on the car was quite steep and therefore the base of the glass was a far enough away from the driver’s seat.

For us it was close enough for us to easily reach the touchscreen but far enough away so as not to actually block our view of the road.

We had it as low as we could – it still need to be a little higher off the bottom just to be able to give the device enough space to sit upright. Luckily the mount is big enough to easily give it that space.

If you have a larger car or a truck then it’s an easy decision.

The 7-inch Navman can be too big for a small car

Similarly if you’re eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

But the other side of that is ensuring the Navman EZY270LMT doesn’t obscure your view of the road.

The large 7-inch screen is sharp and clear. Having a larger display means the on-screen buttons are easier to find while you’re driving. Likewise the keyboard for easier typing.

And the good news is the 7-inch display is quite responsive.

Other onboard features include Bluetooth handsfree to pair your phone to use safely while you’re driving, speed limit alerts, digital logbook and more than one million POI (points of interest).

The 7-inch Navman EZY270LMT is available now and priced at $279.

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